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Mace & Crown | March 19, 2018

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'Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die: Musings from the Road'

T.J. Thompson | Staff Writer

Weed and Willie Nelson are synonymous within American pop culture. It’s only fitting Nelson released a book of anecdotes, quips and other life experiences entitled, “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die: Musings from the Road.”

Nelson is a legendary country and western musician who even has a reggae album in his discography. He also has his own line of marijuana and marijuana related products called Willie’s Reserve.

Getty Images. Courtesy Daily Mail.

This book provides a view into the journey Nelson took from humble beginnings in Texas. He discusses his start in singing and going from gospel roots to rowdy nightclubs to mainstream success.

Of course, success has not always been easy for Nelson. He has been a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman and had the IRS take pretty much everything he owned. The musings in this publication are from 2012, which was a time where he had seen more success.

Nelson invites another successful Texas musician to pen the foreword. Kinky Friedman is known for his colorful word selection and all-around avant-garde persona. Members of Nelson’s family and band also share their thoughts on experiences with the legend throughout the book.

Willie shares some of his favorite jokes and memorable family photos. The book is also illustrated by his son Micah Nelson. Micah is a musician, visual artist and videographer. Micah can also be seen playing with his father’s band.

The reader can journey with Nelson from his native Texas to his poker games in Hawaii. The ride is swift as the genius of his writing carries from song lyrics to the published book.

With an award-winning music career including more than 100 albums released over the span of six decades, Nelson has also added “The New York Times Bestseller” list to his credits. He has penned both fiction and nonfiction titles.

This is a perfect book to pick up and relax with on a day like 4/20 while listening to Willie Nelson on the record player. It will help whisk away the blues of the last couple weeks of the semester.

Nelson’s style provides light reading in short sections broken up with interjections from others, which is a diversion from more intense styles of writing. Numerous critics have shared their praise for this memoir. Anyone who enjoys Nelson’s music or laid back outlook on life will also praise the book. This book is available for sale on Amazon (Kindle Edition and paperback), Barnes & Noble and other book retailers.