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Mace & Crown | March 19, 2018

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Improve Over the Summer: Learn Some HTML

Alex Beschler | Contributing Writer

Programming is becoming an essential skill in the modern, developing world. Understanding how to program can give someone the ability to “talk” to computers and give them a leg-up when finding a job. For instance, provided with some accounting information, a balance sheet, for example, it would be feasible to create a template with code and then feed it with external information that changes every accounting period.

A more practical example of programming is learning to design a simple website. It’s not difficult and doesn’t require much technical expertise. Furthermore, it won’t require intense knowledge of how computers work and why. Instead, it requires some patience, time and a desire to learn. In return, it’s an effective and proactive way to demonstrate your abilities to a possible employer. Such a skill can easily be learned on your own time over the summer.

Programming a website involves writing the website data that your computer will download and turn it into something visual. Website data is usually expressed in something called Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). HTML is a way of describing the structure of how a website will look. An example of a simple HTML page will first piece together the necessary data that will be used later in the page. Next, it will describe the main body of the page, which is what a user usually sees when visiting a website. Finally, it might contain some extra information that is used elsewhere in the page. All of this is accomplishable using tools that are readily available.

These main parts of a website are called the head and the body. The head describes the web page’s data and the data that will be used later. The head would also contain custom formatting options, but that is beyond the scope of this article. The body of the HTML page is the content the user sees, such as text, pictures and buttons.

Developing HTML pages can be done using a variety of tools. Arguably the easiest and friendliest is a program called Brackets. Brackets was created by Adobe, the company that developed the popular photo editor Photoshop. Brackets is completely free and is easy enough to use to develop directly after installing it. The website to download it is To use some of the key features, such as something called “live preview,” you will need to install Google Chrome.

HTML is an incredibly powerful markup language that has numerous amounts of resources available to it. Most of it is more information than I can entail in just this article, but if you are interested in learning to code in HTML over the summer, I’d recommend visiting W3Schools is a website dedicated to teaching web-related technology. In addition to that, I’d also recommend visiting is an instructional video website that normally serves paid content. However, this institution is paying for your free access, so utilize it!

Now that summer is approaching, it gives ample opportunity to learn to program. Not only is it important to learn to program to be able to talk to computers, but the way we comprehend data will most likely change to be able to suit programming. As a result, it would behoove anyone to learn a little bit of coding, especially HTML.

For a more complete tutorial on how to make your first webpage, visit