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Mace & Crown | February 20, 2018

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'Unity Fest' Brings Campus Together for Some Fun

Erin Sudek | Assistant News Editor

Being on a college campus that is unified can change and uplift the whole environment, so the student organizations of the university always try to bring us all together.

The Office of Intercultural Relations partnering with campus police, the football team, men’s and women’s basketball and ninety-one other student organizations brought the second annual Unity Fest together on Kaufman Mall April 20 to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion on campus.

“Unity Fest is a traditional event we do on campus to bring students together to have fun with and get to know each other,” junior Jessica Monty said.

Loud music played for the student volunteers and participants during the event and various activities were hosted to bring everyone together to enjoy themselves in an upbeat atmosphere.

Free food was given to everyone who received a food ticket and plenty of prizes were offered at the various games held. Tables were also set up around the area for students to sit, relax and mingle with each other while they ate.

“I think the best thing about Unity Fest is the fact that everybody can come together and play all these games, get to know each other and unite as a campus. I wanted to volunteer because I knew it was going to be a beautiful day and I love meeting new people,” sophomore and Unity Fest volunteer Timea Renfrow said.

There was a “school yard games” station that featured double-dutch, cornhole and hoola-hoop contests, as well as a board games area featuring Jenga, Taboo and Scrabble among others. There were different inflatable stations where students could play basketball, mini put-put golf, Twister or a real-life Hungry Hungry Hippos game.

The “Ice Cream and Cake” was performed by the Dynasty Dance Team, Big Blue and any other student who joined in the lively moment during Unity Fest.

“I liked the big game of Twister, and the Hungy Hungry Hippos game was a lot of fun. We did the “Ice Cream and Cake” dance too, so I’m feeling the unity on campus today for sure,” senior Alex Desilva said.

There was also a free photo booth where students could be silly and dress up with flashy hats and props brought by Allstar Photobooth. The final photos even had the Unity Fest logo printed on them so students could remember the memories they made at the event.

“I’m a huge supporter of ODU, especially when there are events about collaboration and people coming together, so that’s a good reason for why I wanted to be a part of it,” owner of Allstar Photobooth Tiffany Rosier said.

Everyone that came out to volunteer and participate had a great day full of fun in the sun. Those who participated agreed that Unity Fest was successful in uniting students and making everyone feel included.