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Mace & Crown | February 21, 2018

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Monarch Music Review: Summer Jams

Lindsey Lanham | Staff Writer

Summertime is right around the corner and the one thing that’s going to make this summer great are the summer tunes. Luckily for you, I have brought to you the best music for your summer playlist. Ranging from laid back reggae to redefined old school rock, this is the best music for your summer.  For all of the late summer nights, beach days and long road trips, this music is for you. So, let your hair down, get your tan on and blast the best summer music out right now.

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‘Feels Like Summer’ – Weezer

Less than a year since the release of “The White Album,” Weezer have returned, dropping new music ready for the summer. As lead singer Rivers Cuomo chants “feels like summer” in an impressive falsetto, the song becomes an instant summer hit. In typical Weezer fashion, the lyrics stay a bit strange (“I’m still in my bathrobe / hiding in the shadows”) but the chorus remains simple and easy. With an unpretentious beat and enough synth to make it seem radio appropriate, the almost-love song was the easiest choice for the summer playlist.

‘Oxygen’ – Dirty Heads

Alternative reggae band Dirty Heads have always had a good understanding of what summer is all about. “My Sweet Summer” was 2016’s summer anthem, but with the recent release of their new, self-titled album, Dirty Heads are back with another one. The anthemic line, “Let me be your oxygen,” makes the song enjoyable and quick to memorize. Nothing makes a summer night complete like some simple reggae, and “Oxygen” is a quirky necessity to any summer playlist.

‘Pocket Full of No’ – Coast Modern

New to the scene, indie-rockers Coast Modern have released a series of singles over the months in anticipation of their new album dropping in May. Equipped with a killer vocal range and lyrics quirky enough to be endearing, “Pocket Full of No” is one of the best singles Coast Modern has released. “Pocket Full of No” is a college kid anthem, a song about not having a lot but still having a good time. It’s complete with drugs (“We can get high”) and an amusing set of synths. “Pocket Full of No” is just trippy enough to make it an instant summer jam.

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‘Sign of the Times’ – Harry Styles

What has already been dubbed as the best single of 2017, Harry Styles has broken away from the pop scene. The star’s new single, “Sign of the Times,” resembles something close to old school rock. Channeling Pink Floyd and David Bowie, Styles has made sure that everyone knows that he is actually an incredible songwriter. At nearly six minutes long, “Sign of the Times” is ideal for 2 a.m. kickbacks. Not a party anthem by any means, yet the track is more suitable for late night talks or smoke sessions.

‘Pork Soda’ – Glass Animals

“Pineapples are in my head” will be blaring through all speakers this summer. In this upbeat (albeit sad) indie jam, frontman Dave Bayley describes an unfortunate relationship where feelings are one-sided. What makes “Pork Soda” a fun song is how seemingly simplistic it is. While it’s easy to listen to, the many layers incorporated with the keyboard and the bass guitar is what makes the track stand out from others. One of the more fun songs of 2016, the kitschy lyrics and memorable bass line are what makes this song easy to sing along to and perfect for long summer drives.

‘Drugs’ – DREAMERS

DREAMERS released one of the most underrated alternative rock albums of 2016. “This Album Does Not Exist” has the perfect songs for summer, but “Drugs” is the best. Easy to sing along and with no deeper meaning, this track is good whether you’re sober or not. Lead singer Nick Wold chants “We do it for the drugs / we can never get enough,” while a heavy guitar riff backs it up. Even with a knock at millennial stereotypes (“Don’t wanna think for ourselves / we’re just millennials”), this song is ideal for any and all college students looking for a good time.

‘Wish I Knew You’ – The Revivalists

Indie folk group The Revivalists have their first big hit with “Wish I Knew You.” A simple love story backed by saxophone, the catchy hooks and chorus are what make this song summer ready. “I wish I knew you when I was young / we could’ve got so high,” croons lead singer, David Shaw. The best summer songs are the least complicated ones, and that’s what makes “Wish I Knew You” such a hit. There’s nothing to think about when it comes to these guys. Easy indie folk is what everyone needs to complete their summer playlist.

‘Green Light’ – Lorde

One of the most highly anticipated albums of 2017, Lorde’s first single, “Green Light,” became an instant classic. Nothing short of iconic, the singer has made it apparent that she’s stepped more into the classic pop sound rather than her indie vibes on “Pure Heroin.” With a piano buildup for the ages, Lorde sings on about wanting that green light and finding solace in wanting more. More hopeful than heartbreaking, “Green Light” is what everyone suffering through a breakup will have on repeat all summer.

‘Stay’ – Zedd & Alessia Cara

It’s not a summer playlist without some overplayed electronic pop music. One of the more bearable of those songs, “Stay” is another easy bop that’s fun to play on your way to the beach with the windows rolled down. Alessia Cara’s voice carries the listener through the song rather than relying on the music to support her voice; she supports the music. Overall, another easy jam for all mainstream radio listeners to have on their playlist so they don’t get dubbed as “too hipster.”

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‘Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd)’ – Lana Del Rey

Queen of angst Lana Del Rey has her summer love song ready for you. Seemingly slow for a summer anthem, the titillating track is the perfect song for any lust-filled, late-night beach runs. Del Rey chants, “Take off all your clothes” as The Weeknd provides backup vox. Another easy pop hit, this particular song takes a sexy turn. The difference is that it’s made apparent this song is about lust rather than love.