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Mace and Crown | May 22, 2018

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Toast Celebrates 100 Days of Trump With Photography Show

Vann Vitug | Contributing Writer

The 100th Day Photography show, a traveling, pop-up style exhibition features 68 photographs taken at protests and rallies around Washington D.C. and the Hampton area including the Inauguration March, the Immigration March, the Women’s March, the Earth Day March and the Virginia Beach Pro-Trump Rally.

“The 100th day is a standard metric to represent the presidency, so why not use it to represent the constituents?” Henry Chong, photographer and curator of the 100th Day Photography Show Kickoff Party, said.

The collection aims to represent both sides of the political spectrum in its content. “We can’t just demonize the people that don’t agree with us,” Miki Karkla, featured artist, said, “Both sides need to be represented.” 

The event was hosted at the unassuming Toast. One of Hampton Roads’ best-kept secrets, it is a trending cocktail bar located at 2406 Colonial Ave. in Norfolk, VA. The venue was decorated with living-room style arrangements in storage containers, ping pong tables and a fire pit within a relaxed patio setting.

The photos were taken by Hampton Roads based photography collective, “Night Shift,” and several other local photographers. These artists include curator Henry Chong (ig: @hencho), Danny Moore (ig: @Colada_Morada), Janice Dulay (ig, @_jayonnaise), Jeff Hewitt (ig: @jhewitt), Korey Jackson (ig: @DasKorey) and Miki Karakla (ig: @mikiwaygalaxy), who all met through Ghent’s tight-knit art community. 

Courtesy Henry Chong Facebook.

Chong is the mastermind behind the exhibition. Though this is his first time curating, Chong has been involved in photography for about 20 years. This, coupled with Chong’s vast network of connections, allowed the event to be a huge success, allowing him to secure the receiving venue and bring in local artists to provide the tunes.

Three local electronica artists came to support the event by pumping out some drum and bass and house jams. Musicians included Filthy Casual and Doc Watson of OCDj along with Illucidate. These musicians were supported by fans from a dedicated Electronic Dance Music community, bringing their hula hoop and levi-wand skills to the show.

The exhibit has since left Toast, and President Trump’s days in office have increased to over 100. The gallery, however, lives on. “We hope that these images provide viewers a chance to confront and reflect on their own experiences with Trump’s presidency,” Chong said.

The 100th Day Photography Show is on display in Cafe Stella for the next week at 1907 Colonial Ave., in Norfolk before it moves on to its final venue at Zeke’s Beans and Bowls at 616 Norfolk Ave., in Virginia Beach for the rest of the month of May. Admission to each exhibition is free, and photographic prints will be available for purchase.