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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Looking Back in Time: The Mace's Legacy

Alex Scruggs | News Editor

The Mace & Crown first laid its paw on campus in 1962, and has been Old Dominion University’s main news source ever since. Although much has changed at ODU, this paper has faithfully remained to document the goings on at ODU and the surrounding area. With the Mace evolving into a quarterly student magazine instead of a weekly student newspaper starting next semester, it is only fitting to go over several prominent news stories that we have broken over the years.

The following is a collection of interesting and noteworthy stories and features pulled from our issues starting in the late 90’s. Some represent fundamental changes that ODU has undergone, some are fun Monarch facts that are still relevant today. Regardless of the instance, the Mace has always been there to document and report, as it will continue to do.


Volume 37 issue 10 – April 7, 1998

“LEO Goes Online”

  • “Tired of standing in long lines at the Registrar’s office to get a copy of your schedule or waiting hours to get through to LEO, only to find that you have a block on your schedule? / Beginning April 13, LEO…will have a new on-line component that will allow students to access information from a kiosk or through the World Wide Web.”
  • Back then, kiosks could be found next to the Webb Center info desk, or in the front lobby of Rollins Hall


Volume 38 issue 4 – Sept. 29, 1998

“University Professors Receive Title and Scholarship from President Koch”

  • “Professor of English, Dr. John R. Broderick wins ‘University Professor Distinction Award’”
  • “Broderick’s favorite aspect of teaching is students. ‘Meeting the needs of all my students has always been and will always be my primary professional objective,’ Broderick said.”


Volume 39 issue 6 – Oct. 13, 1999

“Mister Rogers to be May 2000 Graduation Speaker”

  • “Old Dominion administration officials confirmed late last week that 71-year-old Rogers will indeed be this spring’s graduation ceremony’s speaker.”
  • Fred Rogers was the star of classic television show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” and died in Feb. 2003.


Volume 39 issue 11 – Nov. 17, 1999

“Monarch CARE to be here in Fall 2000”

  • ODU SGA tried and failed to pass legislation making it mandatory for students without health care to pay $317 and get “Monarch CARE” health insurance
  • This article contains a quote from the then Student Body President, Tommy Smigiel, who is now a prominent Norfolk City Councilman for Ward-5 (ODU’s district) known for pushing for decriminalization of marijuana
  • Smigiel’s tenure as a Student Body President was landmarked by his legislation push to get a $250,000 increase in the University’s budget to be dispersed among student organizations, without raising tuition


Volume 39 issue 23 – March 1, 2000

  • An ad for found in this issue of The Mace lets students know that they can get universal internet access on campus for as low as $8.50 a month.


Volume 39 issue 23 – April 12, 2000

“Gillmore Signs Bill Requiring Student Representation”

  • “On the last day to sign or veto bills passed by the Virginia Senate, Gov. Jim Gillmore signed a bill giving students mandatory representation on university boards of visitors.”


Volume 40 issue 7 – Oct. 18, 2000

“Looking for Fall Break in 2001”

  • “Beginning in the 2001 Fall semester, the student body will be treated to a fall break.”
  • Although preceded by University of Virginia and James Madison University, ODU was one of Virginia’s first colleges to provide students with a two-day fall break, which allows for a four-day weekend.


Volume 40 issue 15 – Jan. 31, 2001

“ODU’s Ted Constant Center Should Benefit the University”

  • The Ted Constant Convocation Center opened summer of 2002.
  • “Students will no longer have to travel downtown to the Norfolk Scope to see games.”


June 6, 2001

“Constant Progress”

  • After being demolished, remodeled, and rebuilt, Constant Hall opened for classes in time for the fall 2002 semester.


Volume 41 issue 3 – Sept. 19, 2001

“Attack Leaves Campus in Shock”

  • ODU reacts to the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001.
  • “Hundreds of students crowded around televisions, watching in disbelief as the second tower collapsed as if it had imploded.”
  • “We might still have classes today, but no one is going to be able to concentrate.”
  • ODU held a memorial service for the victims.


Volume 41 issue 4 – Sept. 26, 2001

“Faculty Senate Passes Resolution in Response to Attacks”

  • “On campus, seven windows of the ODU Muslim Center were shattered, causing University Police to place the center on 24-hour surveillance.”
  • The resolution called for tolerance and justice for all people in response to 911 and the campus attacks.


Volume 43 issue 1 – Sept. 4, 2002

“Starbucks Coming to BAL, Webb Center”

  • “The chain, known for having several locations within blocks of each other in big cities like New York, will open two locations on campus – one in Webb Center and one in BAL.”


Volume 46 issue 15 – March 2, 2005

“Tsunami Relief efforts at ODU bring in more than $7,600”

  • At a student flea-market, ODU’s campus raised money to support the victims of 2004’s Boxing-Day tsunami.
  • “Forty tables spanned across the North Mall of Webb Center, vending such items as clothes, shoes, dishes, posters and even radios.”


Volume 47 issue 2 – Sept. 14, 2005

“A Look Back at ODU’s 75 Years”

  • The campus held a celebration with “music, reflection and cake… lots of cake.”
  • ODU was originally the Norfolk Campus of The College of William and Mary, and wasn’t dubbed “Old Dominion University” until 1962.


Volume 47 issue 4 – Sept. 28, 2005

“Alcohol Comes to Webb Center With House of Blue”

  • With an opening date of Oct. 3, 2005, the South Mall of Webb Center turned into a night club which served beer and wine through Aramark. After the sun went down, food vendors, like Subway and Pizza Hut, closed and “House of Blue” opened for business.
  • For the entire time during which House of Blue was open (roughly one year), Aramark made $4,000 on food sales, and only $135 on alcohol sales. “People just wanted a place to dance,” said one student.


Volume 48 issue 1 – Sept. 6, 2006

“Flooding: Little Damage but Major Hassle”

  • “Flooding closes campus, students play in ‘Kauffmann Lake’ outside of Webb.”
  • This article is The Mace and Crown’s first indication of flooding being a major issue at ODU.
  • A panel discussion ensued with representatives from the Red Cross, National Weather Service, Salvation Army and more answering students’ questions on flooding.


Volume 49 issue 24 – April 24, 2008

“Broderick to Assume Interim Presidency”

  • After former President Roseann Runte’s departure in April 2008, John R. Broderick, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, was named interim president.
  • “Broderick has ruled himself out as a candidate for the permanent position.”


Volume 50 issue 1 – Sept. 3, 2008

“Monarchs Prepare for Pigskin Play”

  • ODU’s first ever season with a football team began with the Monarchs’ first team practice on Aug. 13, 2008.
  • “’Everyone’s still trying to figure it all out,’ said head football coach Bobby Wilder, emphasizing that his team was still trying to get a handle on the basics.”
  • Now a D-1 school, ODU won its first football bowl game in late 2016, less than 10 years after acquiring a football team.


Volume 50 “Summer Issue” – June 3, 2009

“Acting No More: Broderick Named University President”

  • “Broderick has drawn high merits from faculty and community leaders for handling several crises, including a potential loss in state funding and a rash of campus-area crime.”
  • Our current president, Broderick, continues to lobby for state funding increases today.
  • The Board of Visitors chose to change Broderick’s status as “acting” president to ODU’s official 8th president.


Volume 51 issue 2 – Sept. 16, 2009

“The Mace & Crown Remembers Frank Batten”

  • Prominent Norfolk philanthropist, for whom BAL is named after, dies at age 82.


Volume 53 issue 7 – Oct. 26, 2011

“Einsteins Bros. Bagels Opens in New Learning Commons”

  • Einsteins was included in a series of improvements and additions added to the Perry Library.


Volume 54 issue 14 – Feb. 1, 2012

“Guns Get Banned on Campus”

  • “The Board of Visitors…approved on Jan12, the regulation to prohibit anyone from bringing a gun on campus, with the exception of law enforcement officers.”


Volume 66 issue 14 – Jan. 22, 2014

“Commuters to See New Tolls on Area Tunnels”

  • “ODU students commuting to and from Portsmouth may feel major pain in their wallet.”
  • The controversial contract with Elizabeth River Crossings allowed for the charging of $2.25 for cars to cross the Midtown Tunnel.
  • The toll is now $5.25 for cars during peak commuting times.