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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Arts & Entertainment Throwback Articles

Volume 40 Issue 22 – April 4, 2001

“Spring Style: Warm It Up (Without Freezing Your Ass Off!)”

“With the first warm day of spring, you might be ready to pull out that bikini you bought in February. Or maybe not. Whatever the case, spring can be a confusing season. You might wake up to find it’s 65 degrees outside. So you go to class in shorts and a t-shirt. By 3 p.m. there’s a cold breeze coming off the Elizabeth River and you have humongous goose bumps honking on your white legs.

Save yourself the embarrassment and discomfort. We can’t make the sun shine brighter or keep the cold wind from blowing, but here are a few tips and suggestions to help you enjoy the benefits of spring in Hampton Roads.”


Volume 40 Issue 3 – September 20, 2000

“Boyz II Men, Luther Vandross in concert”

“It was 5:30 p.m. and already people were beginning to line up their cars in the amphitheater parking lot. Vendors were selling t-shirts, posters, key chains and hats. It seemed like the perfect setting for any ordinary concert, when in fact it was far from ordinary. It was the first time Boyz II Men shared the stage with legendary soul singer Luther Vandross.

Slowly, the seats filled and people stretched out their blankets. It was a packed house. The concert itself was memorable, proving yet again that nobody does love songs better than Luther Vandross. Still, it would have been great if the two groups had joined each other on stage at the end.”