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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Tech Throwback Articles

“A Perspective on Video Game Journalism: Why the Tide is Changing by Steven Knauer”

Volume 55 | Issue 2 | Sept. 12, 2012

“I made a comment on a forum about my aspired field and another user explained how he disliked the people in the field because they ‘just regurgitate what the developers want them to say.’”

“When I write my column every week, I try to do more than just give a run-down of a game I played. I talk about certain genres changing, give spotlights to indie developers and about problems surrounding video games as a whole.”

“Video games do something different. They allow the player to actively participate in the role of a character and watch the story from that character’s point of view.”

“I talk about their story, their development and their message not only because it is more interesting, but because they deserve more than just a number.”


“Printing into the Future by Sean Burke”

Volume 57 | Issue 3 | Sept. 11, 2013

“Zeus is ‘the first and only device that allows users to 3-D scan, print, copy and fax objects with a touch of a button from one device.’”

“This level of fidelity and rigidity has great potential to change how products are not only shared at the business level but also at the distribution level.”

“The dimensions are modest at best, scanning only things that are about the size of a bowl you might find in your kitchen cabinet or perhaps the size of two standard Xbox 360 controllers. However, the product is clearly aimed more at the distribution of physical prototypes and models rather than the concept of a home assembly line.”