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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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TV Review: Season Seven of 'Game of Thrones'

TV Review: Season Seven of ‘Game of Thrones’

Alyssa Branch | Contributing Writer

Spoilers Ahead:

Season seven of “Game of Thrones” has been intriguing and intense for the devoted fans following the well-known series. This season has been shorter, with only seven episodes moving at an extremely fast pace. After waiting about a year for the seventh installment of the show, it has quickly barreled through.

Jon Snow, the King in the North, is faced with the most taxing responsibility – trying to keep his people safe from the terrors in the north. Although he knows what needs to be done, people are against his judgment, for him, to leave their home. His decisions have left him with distrusting people and complicated alliances.

Daenerys has returned home and started a war while doing it. The Dragon Queen was winning, with perfect battle plans, the ultimate weapons and trusting alliances – but nevertheless, Cersei prevailed. Daenerys is now faced with the difficult decisions of being a conqueror while having compassion. Most importantly, trying to avoid following the menacing footsteps her father left.

Cersei is concerned about one thing only – her family and the legacy of its name. She is holding on to the little bit of family she has left while slowly losing her grip on her claim to the throne. Cersei becomes more sinister than ever in this season, showing what truly matters to her. She kills and plots with one thing in mind. Despite the terrorizing threat to all of civilization, her selfishness triumphs. Which is truly the opposite of Jon Snow.

This is a season where everyone is brought together again in shocking and unexpected ways, causing clashes and new companionships. Daenerys’ council is a diverse mixture of powerful people with many differences, but regardless of the undeniable tensions, they all come together to support a cause they believe in.

Jon and Daenerys are the newest love interest on the show with lots of controversies. Both being very powerful people could create great alliances or cause great tragedies. A lot of problems will likely arise due to the unknown incest, the revealing heritage and the power struggle. Once Jon is aware of his claim to the throne will he turn it down or fight for it?

The unification to fight the white walkers has become an inspiration for many of the great houses in Westeros. Men who hated, betrayed or even admired one another came together to fight the ultimate threat – “We’re all on the same side… We’re all breathing.” It is a powerful moment when these men are stranded fighting for their lives side by side, despite their differences. It really emphasizes the threat they face.

The Starks have been reunited yet one man’s despicable plot seemingly drives a wedge between them. Petyr Baelish’s relationship with Sansa was disturbing and a little obsessive. Knowing the distrust Arya had, he manipulated Sansa, causing the audience to take her as a fool. However, he met his fate in the end when the tables turned and his plotting was exposed. Probably one of the most wanted yet unexpected deaths of the season.

The other two important deaths play into the battle tactics of the show. Euron brought the remaining Sand Snakes to Cersei as a gift, mother Ellaria and eldest daughter Tyene. Cersei shows her true evil but also her love for her children with her creative and sinister destruction of the Dornish women. Wiping out the opposing Ironborn and Sand Snakes leaving Dany with even less Westerosian allies.

Olenna’s demise was bold. Being spared the cruelty and given a peaceful poison which she willingly accepts. Although Jamie feels as if he has defeated one of his enemies while outsmarting another, he still loses. During her own death scene, Olenna confesses to the murder of Joffery and there is nothing for Jamie to do about it – she beats him.

Finally, with the downfall and resurrection of the dragon, Viserion, the true enemy has become an unforgiving force that will (hopefully) result in living against dead, dragon against dragon battles in the season to come. The expectedly quick eighth and final season will reveal the complications of Jon’s heritage, Cersei’s betrayal, Daenerys’s claim and the White Walkers greatest weapon. The season is expected to premiere in late 2018/early 2019 with only six episodes to conclude the beloved series.