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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Where you live where you work: ODU's Virginia Beach campus

Daija Marrow | Contributing Wrier

Old Dominion University’s Virginia Beach Higher Education campus’ location is meant to ease the stress of commuting that students face. Its motto is, “Where You Live and Where You Work. No Tunnels. No Traffic. No tolls. No Traffic. No Hassles.” This statement is the motto of Old Dominion University’s Virginia Beach higher education campus, emphasizing one of the main goals of the educational centers. The college offers select classes remotely from the main campus in a building partnered with Norfolk State University and Tidewater Community College.

Those who attend classes at the Virginia Beach campus, most with full time jobs, boast of its plentiful parking and flexibility with their work schedules. “The distance of my classes from each other and the parking lot was a nightmare. Here, I don’t have to worry about that and I get to see my favorite professors,” a senior student expressed. She is one of many who has expressed her satisfaction with select professors who are required by Old Dominion to teach at this site alone.

Although it is not the full college experience, this is an advantage to allow the Hampton Roads community a convenient opportunity for higher education.

Like ODU’s main campus, the Virginia Beach building has amenities available to increase student success in the classroom. Each student has access to Career Services, The Writing Center and a computer lab with printers, all on-site. Although this building does not have a library, students reserve the ability to request and have books shipped to the building from Perry Library. With proper permission from Perry Library, students can also gain authorization to use the Tidewater Community College library at their campus only a few hundred feet away.

An Old Dominion University alumni explained that the building had a cafe once in the past, but recently, the venders left the post, leaving the students with vending machines and a couple of microwaves as alternative lunch options. However, this campus is three to five minutes away from major Virginia Beach highways such as Princess Anne Road, S Independence Boulevard and Lynnhaven Parkway. Where restaurants, shopping centers and homes are easy to access.

Upon entering the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center, visitors, students and guests are met with the green and gold Norfolk State Spartan mascot, and then ODU’s very own Big Blue only a few feet away. Patricia Edwards, a professor at this site for eleven years explains, “Although joint classes are not offered, this building is a family.” Students from different educational institutions and backgrounds interact and excel together with their goals in mind.

The facility hosts an Exam Jam every year, giving all students the opportunity to study for finals and interact over free pizza and coffee. This event is only one of many efforts by the faculty and administration to ensure students receive the necessary guidance.

The Virginia Beach Higher Education Center is available to students for convenience. Trade certifications are offered, as well as a diverse list of classes. Students have the option to take classes at both the Norfolk campus and Virginia Beach center simultaneously. “My parents forced me to take classes at this building, but now I have Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes without traveling the thirty five minutes to Norfolk. Coming here was a good choice,” voiced a sophomore accounting major who has commuted to ODU for three semesters. Tuition rates are the same and there are no limitations of usage for the main campus. Virginia Beach or Norfolk, no matter the location, an ODU student is a part of the grand student body, the Monarch.