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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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There's no horsing around in new season of 'BoJack Horseman'

There’s no horsing around in new season of ‘BoJack Horseman’

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

Dark, humorous and a hollow feeling in your heart is how season four of “BoJack Horseman” would be described as the show returned Sept. 8, on Netflix.

After the death of Sarah Lynn, Bojack Horseman (Will Arnett) has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. The first episode reveals what has been going on with Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie), Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul Tompkins) and Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul), who have been caught up in Mr. Peanutbutters latest idea: running for governor.

Diane calls BoJack, leaving a voicemail narrating what has been going on since he left, how she has been struggling at her new job, and how she misses him, showing how true their friendship was despite the messed up things it involved. Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) is also shown what has been going on with her new job as manager and how things have been with her boyfriend, Ralph Stilton (Raúl Esparza).

In the second episode, BoJack is shown to be out in the countryside living in his mother’s childhood home. While the house is broken down and empty, flashbacks to his mother’s childhood occur while crossing over to the things and places he goes to in present time. The flashbacks are a reoccurring theme throughout the entire season, symbolizing how the past shapes the future and how it affects BoJack in every way.

A surprising twist is the introduction of a new character, Hollyhock Manheim-Manheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack (Aparna Nancherla), a young teenage horse who believes BoJack is her biological father and needs his help to find her mother. The growing relationship becomes an enjoyable storyline until it is ruined by his mother, Beatrice, in a heartbreaking revelation.

There were many things brought to light that were great and hit the nail thanks to the writers of the show. It explores Todd’s sexuality and polyamory between Hollyhock’s eight different adoptive fathers. The show even goes as far as tackling embedded racism between Princess Carolyn and Ralph’s family. There is also the ever-present mental illness in BoJack and in his mother. A topic that is not unfamiliar in previous seasons but gets the chance to expand on it at a deeper level and in other characters as well.

One thing that really is intriguing is how the opening credits change every few episodes. The theme song continues to be the same catchy tune but it’s the background that changes every time. There were times where Hollyhock was shown in the background hanging out in the kitchen and living room and where she was accompanied by Beatrice. Those small details are definitely a good thing to look out for as it foreshadows and is an interesting detail the creators added on.

Season four received a 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes where 99 percent of the audience liked it. The season was hilarious with its continuous animal puns and comedic timing, as well as having gut-wrenching events that’ll hit viewers too close to home. The final episode leaves an empty feeling but in a show like “BoJack Horseman,” it’s completely normal. 

“BoJack Horseman” is currently streaming on Netflix.