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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Bethesda brings you more ‘Fallout’ with Game of the Year Edition and VR

Bethesda brings you more ‘Fallout’ with Game of the Year Edition and VR

Brooke Nicholson | Assistant A&E Editor

The highly anticipated sequel to “Fallout: New Vegas” had fans crowded in GameStops at midnight on Nov. 10, 2015. “Fallout 4” brought back the apocalypse that fans of the successful series knew and loved better than ever. Now, two years later, fans of the familiar apocalyptic Wasteland known as Boston, Massachusetts, can travel back and experience the game all over again with “Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition.”

Along with the original game, “Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition” will also include all six DLCs that were originally released separately not long after “Fallout 4’s” release: “Automatron” (March 2016), “Wasteland Workshop” (April 2016), “Far Harbor” (May 2016), “Contraptions Workshop” (June 2016), “Vault-Tec Workshop” (July 2016) and “Nuka-World” (August 2016). Even with all of this content, Bethesda also throws in all of the patches and updates that have launched between the original game and the DLCs. A high-resolution texture pack built into PC versions of “Fallout 4” will also be included in the Game of the Year Edition. The total price for the game and all of its content come out to around $60.

In November 2015, fans of the infamous apocalypse raced to order their edition of the game that came with their very own real life replica of the Pip-Boy, a simplistic computer that rests on the wrist of the main protagonist of the game. The prop came with a slot to hold your smartphone, and after downloading the Pip-Boy app, your smartphone turns the replica into an actual, functioning Pip-Boy.

After selling out of the Pip-Boy Edition multiple times and unable to keep up with popular demand, Bethesda has brought back the replica of the Pip-Boy to give fans a chance they never had before to snag one of their own. If you want to spend a little more money, Bethesda is offering this edition that comes with the original game, all six DLCs and your very own Pip-Boy, totaling to the price of $100. Bethesda has announced that there is a limited quantity of the Pip-Boy editions available with the Game of the Year, so fans will have to scramble again this year if they want to get their hand on one.

That’s not all that’s new with “Fallout 4.” Bethesda is also planning on releasing the game for virtual reality. Bethesda is new to VR and has started releasing some of their more popular titles, such as “DOOM 4” to headsets, so naturally, “Fallout” would follow shortly after. Fans and audiences can wander the Wasteland using VR headsets and handheld accessories to gather supplies, build settlements and fight off Deathclaws. The VR version of “Fallout 4” is set to drop on Dec. 12.

“Fallout 4: Game of the Year” is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.