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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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"Rock the Dot" talent show rocked

Bernadette Murphy | Contributing Writer

Students were invited to sign up and participate or just come and watch the “Rock the Dot” talent show. Hosted by the ODU Women’s Center, the event was originally scheduled to be on Kaufman Mall during activity hour on Sept. 27. Unfortunately, due to a forecast full of rain, the talent show was moved into the Hampton/Newport News rooms of Webb Center. While the rain may have had an effect of student attendance, the event was still full of fun acts and passion for a common cause.

Our campus talent included a rapper, singer, dancing duo and a magician. The rapper performed a song with lyrics centered around The Green Dot’s message of anti-violence and student resources.

The Women’s Center uses the symbol of a green dot. In a general sense, the green dot represents the effort to safely intervene in violent situations and fighting “red dots” or red flags.

Angel Kearns, a S.A.F.E. student leader in the Women’s Center, helped explain what exactly The Women’s Center is and why they chose to host a talent show. “The general basis of The Women’s Center is gender equality and student leadership and making sure that a campus free of violence is provided,” said Kearns. In between acts, those emceeing the show implemented messages and facts about The Women’s Center. The program of “Live the Green Dot” is not limited to Old Dominion’s campus.

The singer was accompanied by a guitarist while he sang a slow and relaxing song. The dancing duo wowed everyone in the audience with their salsa style dance. Even the one and only Big Blue was taken aback by their passionate dance moves. The magician performed a close up magic trick that did not go exactly as planned, but he soldiered on and improvised with calmness and a smile that most could not have managed.

“It’s been a passion of mine since I was little and I love the idea of giving people that sense of wonder and mystery,” freshman magician Zane Austin said.

The talent did not get started right away, however. At the beginning of the event, students were welcomed into the room by smiling faces of the volunteers and had their student IDs swiped upon arrival for a chance to win some free prizes. Many organizations had informational booths set up  around the room inviting students to check out their organization as well as, of course, offer the chance to win some free T-shirts and other gifts. Groups like Tau Sigma, ODU Student Health Services and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response were among a few in attendance.

If students got a “passport” signed by each booth, they were eligible for free cupcakes and snow cones. Each booth made sure to have similar messages; they worked for the students of ODU. The Women’s Center brought organizations that represented ideals such as violence prevention, gender equality/equal opportunity and student resources.

This program, started by Dr. Dorothy Edwards, is now located on air force bases around the country, as well as almost 600 colleges and high schools.

“We chose a talent show to showcase the talent on campus as well as encourage students to come and support and unite around a common cause” Kearns said.

The rain brought the event inside, but there were still about 75 students in attendance.

“I liked the way they used a talent show to bring in The Green Dot’s message. You don’t see a lot events like this and I would like to see more on campus,” sophomore Grayson Mckinney said.

“I went mainly to see the Omega Phi Beta sorority girls. If there were another talent show yeah I would go, it’s fun to see people perform,” student Christina Zendzian said.

Rain or shine, the Women’s Center worked hard to put on an event and simultaneously advocate for the message of The Green Dot.