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Mace & Crown | April 27, 2018

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Women Writers Epistle to Saphho

Caitlin Helveston


Dear Sappho,

It is a tragedy that your works were burned and only fragments remain. You are the great creator of Sapphic meter that was left of your name. Women then and women now struggle just to live their lives peacefully and under their own control. It is a tragedy to be left to the will of a man. Women are meant to be free and not caged birds. We will fly as we please and live as we please. How must you feel now knowing that your works were destroyed? Your art was only left to be questioned. How do you plan to plea the individuals who committed such an act? Do you wish you could wreak revenge upon those who have wronged you? I dare not say that women’s place in this world is equal to that of man. Who really is the stronger sex? That I cannot say.

Do you feel that you were wronged? I do. I think your poetry was robbed of its beauty because of the pile of scraps that remain. Men think they have control over women, but that is far from the truth. We are stronger than they cease to believe. I am not a man hater, but I do fight for what I am allowed to do with my body, my work, myself. It’s 2017 Damnit, let us live as we please. God does not have control over my choices, no one has control over my choices. I accept suggestions, but I make my own path. I am who I am and no one can change that. You were who you were and you should justify that for yourself. Women are stronger, outspoken, and aren’t artistically intimidated by that of man anymore. We are allowed to speak freely now. We are not punished for speaking out for what is right.

I found the treatment of women, in the 19th century to be a tragedy and should be brought to men’s attention. Most of them are aware but there are some that still chose to belief that a woman is meant to be submissive and under his control. The Orange Man who is in control of our country believes that to be so. Women have held marches and protests against him. We are not weak helpless beings that are meant to be controlled. We deserve our rights. Our artistry deserves the same respect as that of a man. We are not meant to be silenced; we will not be silenced. We will slit the vocabulary of those that disrespect our bodies and abilities. For God sakes, we create that of life. That is the one pure thing that leads us to slight superiority. We are equals. That is all. Women may not have penis’ but we have brains.

We were shunned for voicing our opinions and tortured at the amount of too many words. Shushed and considered annoying. Buried by the appearance of men. Hidden beneath a set of guidelines that attempted to control the free beings that we are. Nothing can stop us now. Just as a man leaves the home, we will and can do the same justice. We will be in the highchair of justice. Our mother’s gave us life and we will do the same for our own; if the choice so be ours. The year is 2017. We will not hide behind a man. We speak for ourselves. We will earn that seat in the Whitehouse.

Women are not defined by the man we marry whom we chose to marry because of love not lust or arrangements. Our work is praised and given the courtesy it deserves. So as your work should have been. Your work would not have been destroyed. Angry as I may be, I hold my place in life because I am me. You were luckily presented as a muse of Plato. Quotations of your works still live within other written and published pieces. Do you think that justifies your worth? Do you think you deserve more? I do. Artistry and truth is not a thing to be burdened upon a person, it is to be celebrated. Nothing can change that. The legend that you strayed behind will always be praised. Your stamp on the world is permeant. Mine will be too.

All the best,