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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Recap: Campus Movie Fest 2017

Dejonna Mayo | Contributing Writer

On Sept. 27, suits, ties, gowns and heels greeted students at the second annual Campus Movie Fest. Refreshments, decorations and chatter filled the entrance and created a warm ambiance. There was a red carpet where patrons could get their picture taken in front of a Campus Movie Fest backdrop. The atmosphere of the event exuded a sense of elegance.

“I heard about this event from a representative of the film festival who came to my class, and I’m ready to see the best film win,” ODU student, Taryn said.

As the crowd was ushered in, attendees were given raffle tickets. The prizes included an Amazon Echo, a bluetooth speaker, a $50 Airbnb gift card and a secret prize. Laughter and jovial conversations filled the room. There wasn’t an empty seat, and the energy was infectious. A slideshow, featuring snapshots of entered films, entertained guests until the show began.

The two energetic hosts, Quincy and Yarelis, were two ODU students. They welcomed the audience to the second annual Campus Movie Fest and gave the logistics of the contest. Out of 65 entries, only 16 would be chosen for screening and anonymous judging. Only three winners will be announced.

Campus Movie Fest was started by four Emory University students with an idea: give a college student a free camera for a week to see what kind of five-minute film could be made. It’s been 15 years since that question was asked and the answers keep coming.

The showcased films varied from one another, ranging anywhere from ninja fighting to STD awareness, and had themes such as self-love, miracles, lost loves and the dreaded friend zone.

There can only be four jury award winners in this competition. The winners receive many awards, but the greatest prize is the opportunity to go to the Campus Movie Fest Finale.

The audience’s choice award and silver tripod award went to ODU’s film club and their movie, “The Friend Zone,” a comedic take on “The Twilight Zone.” A young man, recently rejected, finds himself stuck in the friend zone, where anything seems possible except getting a significant other.

“Dreamer,” a silent film by Caileigh Gold, was another jury award winner. An inspirational film, the music was whimsical and featured a young girl and a ballerina. The young girl dreams of becoming a ballerina one day as well.

The next jury award winner was “Midnight DayDream,” by Justin Herrara. The emotionally intense film centered around an elderly man, played by John Brinkman, who wakes up in the middle of the night and has a daydream about his deceased wife. Brinkman won the award for best performance.

The last jury award went to “Phoenix from the Ashes” by Kristal Villarino. This was a touching film about a mother who had many complications giving birth. She was no stranger to miscarriages, stillbirths, infant death and disabilities due to birth. The film was very emotional but also enlightening.

“My favorite film was Midnight DayDream. I’ll for sure be back next year. I had a great time. It was cool to see what the students here could do. Everything was well put together and organized, and the hosts were entertaining. I think everyone was having a good time which made me have a good time,” Tone, an ODU student, said.