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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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Monarchs Fall to FAU

Monarchs Fall to FAU

Josh Castro | Contributing Writer

Florida Atlantic’s newest head coach, Lane Kiffin, made quick work of Old Dominion on home turf early Saturday afternoon, decimating ODU 58-28.  Kiffin, who took over FAU’s football program in December of 2016, famously coached the Oakland raiders, the USC Trojans, and the Tennessee Volunteers, alongside a slew of other top notch programs around the country. He proved early in the game that he did not intend put up an easy fight for Bobby Wilder and the Monarchs, giving a beating that caused more than a few distraught fans to abandon Foreman field around halftime.

“It was an absolute punch in the gut for everybody,” said Wilder on Old Dominions weekly YouTube show ‘Wake up with Wilder’, which aired early Monday morning.“We felt it during the game, after the game, yesterday when the kids came in. My job is to get everybody back on track; all the coaches, the players, just give good direction.”

Photo courtesy of Poppy’s Pix

It’s easy to sympathize with the fans, who have so far this season stuck by Wilder after crushing defeats by both Virginia Tech and the University of North Carolina, both of whom are top tier teams within the ACC and have built renowned D1 Football programs over the years. But a blowout loss to FAU gave fans the feeling that early season decisions may be to blame for the crushing losses, namely with Wilder’s decision to have freshman Steven Williams start as Quarterback, making him the youngest starting quarterback in the NCAA.

Photo courtesy of Poppy’s Pix

While Williams showed an above average level of in game maturity, he unfortunately never seemed to find his stride Saturday evening, throwing four interceptions while ODU’s defensive line failed to make tackle after tackle, allowing FAU to set a school record of 58 points. Many believe the high percentage of interceptions and low passing yards over the last two games prove that Williams should have more time to grow at the collegiate level, with Blake LaRussa left in his position as starting quarterback. Regardless of the circumstances, fans prepare to pack the stands and support the blue as the Monarch’s head to Joan C. Edwards stadium to take on Marshall (4-1).