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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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Women's zombie climb night not so scary

Women’s zombie climb night not so scary

Julia Varnier | Contributing Writer

A women’s climb night with a twist! A zombie-apocalypse-themed climb night was held by the ODU Women’s Center at the Student Recreation Center’s rock wall on Monday, Oct. 2. The event’s flyer described a fun and friendly atmosphere with the motivation of zombies to help get climbers to the top of the gym’s rock wall.

With Fall break and Halloween just around the corner, the climb night’s planners felt it would be a nice way to kick off the season. The event was intended to be exclusive to women and be used as a time to generate interest for the Women’s Center’s upcoming events.

A lack of zombies inside the SRC created confusion. ODU student Brittany Scheffler, who was came for the event, said, ”I don’t really get what they have going. I saw a flyer near the Webb yesterday for the climb but I thought there were going to be zombies.” Scheffler soon left.

A Halloween-decorated Women’s Center booth near the front entrance was manned by two women, This was the only decorated area that was in sight of the rock wall along with a single banner across the front desk of the SRC.

Photo courtesy of Mace & Crown

Besides the booth, it was difficult for students and other women to tell that there was an event happening. There was no event sign or flyers around the gym which seemed to cause a low turnout.

Students who were already climbing were unaware of an event. I spoke with Alyssa DaSilva, a climber during the event time, about her understanding of the Women’s Center’s planned activity. She explained that, “I came here with my boyfriend to climb the wall for the first time. When we got here we weren’t told anything about any event.”

Photo courtesy of Mace & Crown

Many factors of the climb described by the flyers were not put into action. Though the climb was advertised as a women’s only event, there were men climbing the wall as well. Although there was little evidence that the Women’s Center climb was taking place, the women working the booth let people who came by know that the event as still happening. The majority of the information doled out from the booth was related to future Women’s Center plans.

One of the big events being promoted was the Talk Back Wall, which is geared toward allowing students to talk out against harmful and offensive media images of women. There was also information given about the Big Blue Take Back, which was explained as an event that allows students to rise up against campus violence and speak on behalf of different social injustices students are concerned with.  

The Women’s Center has been known for their contributions to on-campus events and activities. Their organization is one of the biggest influencers for women’s unity on campus . The center’s organizers typically use their events and workshops to bring sexual assault awareness to campus and build a safer more informed atmosphere on abuse prevention for the women of ODU. This event, unlike most others, was one that seemed to be put together haphazardly.