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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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'Alex & Eliza:' A love story as old as time

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

Love stories are stamps in literature and media that continuously affect people each time they’re read. Melissa de la Cruz’s “Alex & Eliza: A Love Story” joins the group as a sensible and sweet love story that is molded in history.

Beginning in 1777, the American Revolution hits a turning point — General Schuyler and his family lose their financial status. In an effort to secure the family’s future, Mrs. Schuyler hosts a ball.

Her middle daughter, Elizabeth, runs into Alexander Hamilton, a well-known coronel who is testifying against Elizabeth’s father due to the loss of Fort Ticonderoga. Elizabeth immediately berates him throughout the whole night until they share a dance, leaving him completely smitten by her.

Two years after the ball, Elizabeth joins her aunt in New Jersey to help the soldiers stationed there. When her carriage breaks down, Hamilton comes along unexpectedly and takes her to her aunt’s. There, she finds out he was stationed in the same area as well. The two begin a friendship after moving past their differences and become more than friends with the push and guidance of Elizabeth’s sisters, Angelica and Peggy.

The storyline is simple yet detailed with different chapters that switches its point of view between Hamilton and Elizabeth. This allows the story to flow easier and leads up to a shocking twist that settles their relationship once and for all.

De la Cruz is a best selling author with The New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly and Indiebound. She’s known for her “Witches of East End,” “Blue Bloods” and “Descendents” novels, two of which have become live-action series. She has also written for many magazines, from Marie Claire to Seventeen, and is releasing a new book, “Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe,” on Oct. 17.

“Alex & Eliza” is available where ever books are sold.