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Mace and Crown | May 20, 2018

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The Neighbourhood goes 'Hard' in new release

The Neighbourhood goes ‘Hard’ in new release

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

After their 2015 release, “Wiped Out!,” The Neighbourhood has returned in their new EP “Hard.” Released on Sept. 22, it contains five new songs that allow fans to fly through their songs and experience the new material over and over again.

“Roll Call”

The first song starts with a slow tempo that flows with an electronic and dark rock tone. The song speaks about finding individuality and making his own decisions, setting his own path in destiny. The familiar vocals of lead singer Jesse Rutherford return in this song that pairs with the constant beat throughout the entire song.

Favorite line: “Nobody does what they told you they would / Did what I should and what I was told / kept my whole time / my eyes half closed.”


“You Get Me So High”

The track starts off with a faster tempo and gives a bit of a more positive tune despite the lyrics that say otherwise. Rutherford tries to move forward from the past and croons about the times he hurt the other person and tries to be more considerate from now on. Rutherford’s vocals are less electronic and more natural which gives the song a different vibe than the previous one.

Favorite line: “If we can agree to disagree / and keep on reaching / it would get you so / high all the time / high all the time / I wanna be high all the time.”



The third song brings out the rock with the guitar riffs that are definitely heard throughout the entire song. Rutherford sings about facing someone who made him see wrong and turn him into the person he was trying to avoid being the entire time. The beat and the lyrics accompany one another, making the song stand out of the whole EP.

Favorite line: “Why’d you ever make me choose? / I don’t wanna be like you / I thought I knew you but / I never knew you would turn us into animals.”



A faster, upbeat, and a bit of electronic/alternative mixed in to give to a song that will make you bop your head while listening to it. The lyrics are about growing up and even though things happen, Rutherford says that he will be there for the person 24/7 and they can talk to him whenever.

Favorite line: “Just give it some time / You can hit my line like 24/7, 24/7, 24/7 / I’ll be there to listen anytime.”



The last song of the EP is a combination of acoustic guitar, acapella and the sounds of a violin or viola that reverts back to a dark tone which was seen in the first song of the list. The song talks about a kid who grew up and how nothing is the same anymore. There is a play on words that contribute to the theme and the sadness that is growing in the kid’s life.

Favorite line: “Saturdays are not the same as they used to be / sadder days, why do they keep on using me? / they keep on using me.”


The album is not a let down aside from its short track list. The tone is different from their previous album and complete opposite from their 2014 mixtape, “#000000 & #FFFFFF.” Longtime and new fans will enjoy the album and only wish it could be longer.

“Hard” is available on Spotify, Youtube and other streaming websites.