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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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Monarch’s Five Game Streak Reveals Flaws In Coaching, Not Players

Monarch’s Five Game Streak Reveals Flaws In Coaching, Not Players

Josh Castro | Contributing Writer

What can only be explained as yet another depressing loss for Old Dominion on Oct. 20, signals which we can assume to be everything but a downhill season for the Monarchs. The 2017 season has been a myriad of missed calls, tragic mistakes and blown opportunities, with head coach Bobby Wilder at the helm adopting an ever curious ‘Devil-May-Care’ attitude for the last four games.

So who’s to blame for the downfall of a team that just last year was storming their way through the C-USA? When the team rolled into spring training, the roster read like a list of notable accomplishments, each player fitting into place and ready to bring the same effort and zeal to the team that had brought them fortune in the year past. Calamity struck the team early and hard, with key offensive players being forced out with injuries early in the season.

What followed was a series of well intended mistakes that would set the tone for the rest of the season. The redshirt was pulled off freshman Steven Williams while the team faced top ACC team North Carolina in the third game of the season, which the coaching staff wildly attributed to the fact that star QB’s Jordan Hoy and Jake LaRussa had failed to consistently play to the level the team was expecting.

And Williams, for better or worse, did find a level of consistency, and unfortunately it did not consist of achieving the same level of greatness that was expected of LaRussa and Hoy. And as well intentioned and mild mannered as he may be, I think it’s time for the Monarchs to realize that Wilder was a fantastic coach for reviving a dead football program and competing at a starting college level, but it may be time to look towards greener pastures.