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Mace & Crown | March 22, 2018

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‘Tell Me You Love Me’ invites fans into Demi Lovato’s life

‘Tell Me You Love Me’ invites fans into Demi Lovato’s life

Brooke Nicholson | Assitant A&E Editor

On Sept. 29, Demi Lovato released her sixth studio album, “Tell Me You Love Me,” which she claims is her biggest tell-all about her and her journey. In addition, she released her second documentary, “Simply Complicated,” which premiered on YouTube on Oct. 17.

For the singer, songwriter and active philanthropist, 2017 has been a huge year. After suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, an eating disorder and bipolar disorder, she decided to turn her life around by checking into rehab back in 2010. There, she completed three successful months in the program.

Lovato has never been shy about telling the world what she has gone through, hoping that it could inspire others to take action if they’ve been suffering from similar ailments. This is apparently all throughout her music. As soon as she finished her fifth studio album, “Confident,” the singer confirmed that she had already begun working on her sixth, saying that it would evolve right from the last.

The release of “Tell Me You Love Me” was preceded by hinting at some songs that were recorded in the studio and its first single, “Sorry Not Sorry.” A teen, summer hit played on every radio station on repeat. “Sorry Not Sorry” debuted at No. 1 in 37 countries upon its release and opens up the 45-minute album.

The album contains a decent mix of upbeat pop songs that are expected of Lovato but also contains some of her infamous slower songs, such as “Smoke & Mirrors.” She also adds a bit of R&B into the mix with her explicitly addictive melody, “Lonely (feat. Lil’ Wayne).” On “Games,” she puts guys in their place: “I date men, but you’re acting like a little boy.” Lovato talks all about how love makes her act in crazy ways on “Daddy Issues.”

“Simply Complicated” documents Lovato’s extensive journey through the recording process of the new album while giving fans deep insight into the person she used to be and how she’s managed to overcome some of her biggest struggles. At over seven million views on YouTube, Lovato reveals that the lowest points in her life actually inspired her to make something beautiful out of it.

Lovato makes herself transparent with her attitude towards recovery and by being as raw as she possibly can with her music and in her career. Most critics have given her latest album more praise than negative remarks. Lovato has established herself as an artist that can skillfully blend genres, such as hip-hop, into a pop-like mix.

She doesn’t plan on slowing down. Lovato continues to work with charities, to work on improving herself and to make music. On her 2012 documentary, “Staying Strong,” she says she “wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for music – true story.” Her booming voice and large vocal range results in a song on the album that almost everyone can enjoy.