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Mace and Crown | May 27, 2018

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Slow and methodical, ODU wins homecoming

Slow and methodical, ODU wins homecoming

Kevin Washington | Contributing Writer

20,118 people dressed up in blue and white for the windy and bleak homecoming game this year. However, as cold as it was ODU fans were in full support. The Monarchs made team history as they held Charlotte scoreless for the eternity of the game winning 6-0.

In the first quarter, ODU drove downfield early with a 15 play drive setting Nick Rice up for field goal pushing the score 3-0. Right before the half Charlottes, Nigel Macauley field goal attempt from 48 yards missed wide right, spotted at ODU 25 yard line the quarter ends with the clock striking zero.

The Monarchs starting the drive after the half. Coming up to a quick three and one Bobby Wilder called a fake punt to force a first down. However, the drive ends with a long third and long punt by Bailey Cate for 41 yards from ODU 47 yard line to Charlotte 12. The following Charlotte drive lead to a fumble recovery by  ODU starting on the 45 yard line. The drive starts off strong but Charlotte defense puts up a fight holding ODU to a 30 yard field goal. Bring the game to a six point lead. With Charlotte having another fumble turn over, ODU regained the ball with 2:12 remaining in the third.

Coming towards the end of the third quarter ODU needed a nice drive going in to the fourth quarter but a quick forth down leads to a punt. With Charlotte only having a seven play drive, they punt to ODU with 10:45 reaming in the fourth quarter.

The game came down to a defensive war of attrition with neither teaming being able to put a dent in to the score. With 45 seconds left Charlotte began the drive with two incomplete passes. The Monarch showed  there tough defensives prowess and got  the stop needed to end the game.

The Monarchs homecoming weekend win brought the team to a three and six record this season. The team will travel to FIU next week to keep its slim but hopeful bowl chances alive.