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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Make friends with animals and humans in 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp'

Audra Reigle | Technology Editor


“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” came to mobile devices on Nov. 21. Fans of the “Animal Crossing” series could finally play the game on the go and with their friends.


For the most part, the game is more or less like other games in the “Animal Crossing” series. You take the role of a campsite owner who is tasked with making it the best campsite around. You can befriend other animals, who will come and stay at your campsite if they like it enough, and other players.


When you first start, you’ll be able to choose from one of four options for your campsite: natural, sporty, cute or cool. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as you’ll be able to craft all of the items in the game. You’re free to choose whichever one suits your style the most.


If you’re new to the “Animal Crossing” series, the game helps you get started. Your campsite will be set up for you, and you’ll be given a walkthrough on how to get items for crafting. It’s okay if you forget how to do anything or just speed through the tutorial. The game provides a Beginner’s Guide for you that can be accessed at any time in case you do forget how to do something.


You’ll be able to help other animals out through the course of the game by giving them the items they’re looking for in exchange for bells and materials for furniture. As you help them, your friendship level increases. When you level up your friendship level with an animal, you’ll get bells, essences and craft materials. There is an overall friendship level that rises as you interact with other players and animals. As that friendship level goes up, you can receive more rewards, be able to meet new animals and craft new items.


If you need to download new data in the game, you won’t have to sit around and wait for the update to finish. You’ll be able to ride your camper through the download screen and collect bells as the game updates.


Timed and long term goals are available. The timed goals will change regularly, but both the timed goals and the long term goals will give rewards upon completion. Log in bonuses are also available. The more you log in, the better the bonuses get.


You’ll be able to add your friends to your friends list by sharing your ID with them. You can also link the game to your Facebook account and your Twitter account.


We’ve also got some tips and tricks for players of the game:

  • Fertilizer can be used on trees to regrow their fruit immediately. If you don’t have any fertilizer, that’s okay as the fruit regrows after a certain period of time.


  • When you’re interacting with other animals, look for the options in red text. These options will help increase your friendship level with that animal.


  • You’ll be able to sell extra fruit, fish and bugs in the Market Box. You are able to determine the quantity and the price of these items. Other players can buy these items from you, and you’ll be able to buy items you need from other players when you interact with them. You get four Market Box slots at first, but you can buy extra slots if necessary with Leaf Tickets.


  • If you have a My Nintendo account, you’ll be able to get additional rewards and complete extra missions! You’ll have to link your My Nintendo account to get these rewards and missions, but it’s recommended you do so anyways as it’ll protect your data if anything happens to your phone.


  • You’ll be able to invite other animals to your campsite, but if you don’t have the items they’re interested in, they’ll decline the invite. They’ll tell you what they’re interested in though, so once you find out, you just have to have Cyrus craft that item! You must have at least friendship level 2 with an animal before you can invite them to your campsite.


  • If you have five friends interested in entering Shovelstrike Quarry, you can work with them to get in. If you don’t have five friends interested in entering, that’s okay as you can still use Leaf Tickets to get in.


  • Your first visit to OK Motors gets you a free customization on your camper. You can only change the pattern and the colors, but it still free!