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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Paramore turns up the heat at Winter Meltdown

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

96X hosted its third annual Winter Meltdown on Dec. 8 with Paramore as the main headline, and special guests Misterwives and Joywave as the openers.

Winter Meltdown is an independent music festival that takes place over the course of six nights in different venues around the Norfolk area.

Indie band, Joywave, was the first performance of the night, where they performed songs from their album “Content” which was released earlier this year and their previous albums. They had a mix of a mellow and rock tone throughout their set, giving the crowd a warm up to what was happening over the night. Joywave captured the audience’s attention with their voice, leading to a bittersweet feeling at the end of their set.

Second opening act was pop band Misterwives where they brought in a jump of energy that had most of the crowd moving to the beat. They incorporated styles of acapella, step and drums into different songs that allowed a different energy to be pushed out throughout the entire set. Lead singer, Mandy Lee, would intensify the show with her energetic personality and how she never once seemed tired throughout the entire performance; leading to her other band members to match her energy on stage.

Paramore kicked off their performance with “Hard Times” from their new album “After Laughter,” making the entire arena go crazy with screaming the lyrics the entire time. They performed other songs including throwback hits like “Ain’t it Fun”and “Still into You” were sung as well which continued to make the crowd sing from atop their lungs and bring on the energy.

Lead singer Hayley Williams, paused the show for a brief second to bring everyone to a silence as she started to thank everyone for the support since it was their last show of 2017 and one of their biggest songs, “Misery Business,” turned 10. Williams picked out three audience members to join her on the stage to finish “Misery Business,” making the concert interactive and letting the winners express their feelings toward each members. After that, the crowd was fired up more energy with an encore ensuing and leaving everyone with an adrenaline rush at the end of the night.

The entire night was a rush of different energy for each group performing and left people voiceless at the end of it. Joywave and Misterwives were fantastic opening acts that matched Paramore’s music and had the entire crowd on their feet no matter what. This year’s Winter Meltdown headliners were amazing and hopefully they’ll continue in the future.