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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Creative Enclave: "Questionable Love?" by Arlynn Parker

Questionable Love?

by Arlynn Parker

Their lovemaking was like two hyenas clawing each other over scraps of meat they scratched and laughed as if they hated themselves, a confusing sight, his expression was a black cat disappearing into the shadows of her curves; hers was a simpler envy, sweetening the darkness like an Oreo dipped in white milk the only sign of any pleasure was in their voices—that sweet, simple sigh which gives lovers antiquated purpose when he reached the peak of that ever-daunting mountain it was Everest the way they became like gusts of wind rising into a cumulonimbus cloud, quick and unstable it left their lips like wisps of flour rising after you’ve plopped down the dough and when it was over she trembled. A loose jello mold in his arms. But then he rose, the bedsheets cascading, unfurling as her inhibitions tightened, she could already picture herself in the pitch pinstripe suit of contempt just fit for an everyday occasion but she knew she’d be back.