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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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LIGHTS shines at The NorVa

LIGHTS shines at The NorVa

Brooke Nicholson | Assistant A&E Editor

Back in 2009, a small-town native from Canada opened up for one of the biggest electronic acts at the time, her setup consisting of her keyboard, a microphone, and herself. Now, almost 10 years later, LIGHTS came a long way from the small act she used to be, to headlining her own tours.

On Friday, Feb. 23, fans of the electronic-pop star eagerly lined up in the foggy weather just outside The NorVa, about two hours before the concert was scheduled to start. Once inside, fans were greeted with the merchandise booth consisting of her colorful album, comic series and multiple t-shirts to choose from.

The first act, DCF, entertained the crowd with his skills as a DJ until it was time for the second and final acts. Chase Atlantic swooned the crowd after DCF with the lead singers’ dance moves and addictive dream-inducing sound. Once Chase Atlantic left the stage, fans were drowning in anticipation of the main act they’ve been waiting for the entire night.

Even though the entire facility was dark, screams erupted from the crowd as a silhouette you could barely make out walked out onto the stage, a huge glowing screen behind her illuminated the shadow of LIGHTS as she opened up her set with a single from her newest album “Skin & Earth,” “New Fears.”

LIGHTS on stage at The NorVa, photo by Brooke Nicholson

Sporting the newest addition to her merchandise, a LIGHTS sports bra and jogging pants, was almost drowned out by the intense red hair that mimicked fire atop her head, swaying with every move she made. After the first song ended, fans were greeted with huge nostalgia as she decides to visit back to some of her older songs, “Second Go.” It was the one song almost everyone in the crowd sang to.

Halfway through the show, LIGHTS mixed up the set by breaking out her acoustic guitar to play a song that she announced “is running out of time to play,” “February Air.” With a candlelight atmosphere and low lighting setting, the mood went from energetic to calm, fans swaying in the crowd and even held up lighters.

LIGHTS at The NorVa, photo by Brooke Nicholson

At the end of the set, LIGHTS took a bow, thanked the crowd, and promptly exits the stage, but the crowd would not let her leave without a fight. With cheers and screams still echoing through the concert hall, someone began a chant prompting for an encore, screaming “One more song! One more song!”

A few minutes of this finally encouraged LIGHTS back onto the stage, echoing the question back at the audience, “One more song?” Screams erupted, until she asked them, “Two more songs?” prompting in an even louder response. She finished the night with her biggest hit to date, “Giants.” The crowd, satisfied, left the venue hall with a night they wouldn’t forget.

LIGHTS’ new album “Skin & Earth” is available now.