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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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Concert Review: A$AP Ferg and Denzel Curry at The NorVa

Vann Vitug | Contributing Writer

On March 2, fans lined up in crop tops and tank tops in front of The NorVa’s brick venue, Friday’s heavy winds did not stop concertgoers from coming out to attend Denzel Curry and A$AP Ferg’s Mad Man tour.

“I’ve been waiting to see these guys for a long time,” one fan said. “They don’t usually come around these parts, so I’m mad hyped up to see them.” The venue was quick to sell out, with tickets as low as $31 after taxes. Having two of the rap game’s heaviest hitters down in the 757 was a real treat for fans.

The opener for the show was Jay IDK (Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge), a London-born rapper from Maryland, who pumped up the crowd with a level of energy that could only be expected from someone associated with the night’s headliners.

“Since yall wanna untie shoelaces,” IDK said, “I wanna see a mosh pit over here, and I wanna see another mosh pit over here,” pointing at two sides of the crowd.

IDK’s set included one single, “17 with a 38,” which has a feature from Chief Keef from his new album, IWasVeryBad, released in 2017 under Adult Swim records. The song is a reference to being a 17 year old with a .38 caliber pistol.

“I’m not a hood nigga, and I don’t try to present myself as a hood nigga. I’m just a nigga who did bad shit as a little nigga,” he said as he introduced the song, which was well received with sweat drenched fans thrashing around in the two mosh pits in full effect.

Denzel Curry showed mad love for IDK, dapping him up on stage and even staying to perform a song together, “No Wave.”

The crowd was equally surprised as they were hysterical as the two then performed their rendition of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” “That was my favorite part of the night when Denzel and IDK both took different sides of the stage and ignited a giant mosh pit to Smells Like Teen Spirit,” one fan said. “That was freaking bumping, I’ll never forget that.”

IDK closed his set saying, “If there’s one thing y’all could do that would mean the most for me is follow me @IDK.”

Curry’s set opened up with “BloodShed,” “Hate Government” and “Equalizer,” the first three songs from his new EP “13” giving him time to showcase some of his most experimental work yet, with vocal fry reminiscent of late ‘00s metalcore.

“If you follow me, y’all should already know the words to this,” Curry said, calling out some of his hardcore fans before “ULT” came on. “I wanna see all of you with U’s in the sky,” he said.

Highlights also included his most popular track, “Ultimate,” which launched him into stardom thanks to an old 2016 meme featuring the song, as well as an old well-known favorite, “Threatz,” featuring Yung Simmie.

To close the night off, the show’s headliner, A$AP Ferg, blasted the crowd with old favorites from his 2013 album, “Trap Lord,” such as “Let it Go” and “Shabba,” which had the crowd jumping all night.

Ferg also showcased new material from his newest album, “Still Striving,” including the hit single, “Mad Man,” the namesake of the international tour.

Fans chanting, “Plain Jane!” dominated the venue as Ferg closed the night off with, “Plain Jane,” another hit from his newest album.

As the lights began to come back on, worn out fans were already reminiscing about the whole experience as they spitefully went back out into the cold, early spring winds. “It was literally so dope to see,” one fan said, “the show was lit from start to finish.”