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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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The Hunts prepare for their debut concert at The NorVa

The Hunts prepare for their debut concert at The NorVa

Kim Bering | Contributing Writer

With only days left to prepare, local indie folk band The Hunts hastily prepare for their debut concert of their newest album “Darlin’ Oh Darlin”’ at The NorVa on March 10. The two sisters and five brothers believe that this album might be their biggest success yet. They have made their living off of composing music for nearly a decade, but have been investing even more effort into their music, preparation and self-management with their newest work.

The moving thematic significance of “Darlin’ Oh Darlin’” resonates with The Hunts’ individual lives, they said. Composing music about life’s sorrows, joys, memories and challenges inspire their work. The collaborative composition of the talented musicians yields songs with touching poignancy and a diversity of passions conveyed throughout the entire album.

“This project as a whole has had a theme and a purpose. You’ll pick up themes of commitment and love for each other, and the desire to make it in a world that’s not easy to make it in,” lead vocals and guitarist Josh Hunt said.

With their previous albums, “Those Younger Days” and “When We Were Young,” all represented various ideas on the stages of life, leading to the creation of “Darlin’ Oh Darlin.’” Jessi, Jenni, Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin and Jamison believe that this milestone album is the turning of a page for them, as they are now entirely self-managed and are continuing to advance through life as a family.

All seven siblings have poured more effort into “Darlin’ Oh Darlin’” than past album releases. They have transitioned into a self-run band after Cherrytree Music Company’s contract with Interscope was not renewed, sending artists like Ellie Goulding, Sting and The Hunts to find other label companies or do everything on their own. On top of creating their own music, The Hunts are now entirely self-managed. They do everything from booking venues to designing their own merchandise.

But this undertaking did not deter the seven siblings from doing what they love. Writing and playing music, singing and touching the lives of their fans is their simple reward. The Hunts said they feel motivated when hearing about how their music has gratified many lives, helping them withstand various difficulties and triumphs. This is their initiative to pursue more significance and quality to their expressive music.

The Hunts have played at The NorVa before when opening for the X Ambassadors, but are now in the spotlight — a significant success for the family operated band. Having their local fans, who have been with The Hunts since the beginning, enthralls them with excitement and pride as they will unveil their latest masterpiece.

Local artists Bonne Chère and Ben Hardesty will open for The Hunts at The NorVa. After the debut concert on March 10, they will launch their tour by visiting multiple Hunt hotspots across the U.S., now with the ability to select their own venues. But despite the excitement of traveling across the country to impart their music to others, nothing will replace being home.

“We all love touring. We all love to play music and see the different states, meeting new people,” viola, banjo, vocalist and recently married Jessi Kinstler said, “but definitely home is one of our favorite places. It’s always great to come home.”