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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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The 'Siren’s' song

The ‘Siren’s’ song

Erik Billings | Contributing Writer

It is clear that Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” song “Under the Sea” was not written about the murky waters surrounding Bristol Cove because there is nothing “better down where it’s wetter” here and you can take that from me.

“Siren” opens up with an unlucky crew catching a not too happy siren whose midnight all you can eat buffet ended with her snack and herself in a net. After thrashing around and taking down one of the fishermen panic ensnares the crew who sends out an SOS.

That SOS is answered by a swarm of men falling from the sky and the government sweeping in to snatch up the siren and the injured crew. With little said as they leave, the conspiracies begin. What is the government doing? Why did they take the injured man? And what’s about to happen to the siren that’s been mer-napped?

Venturing into the town of Bristol Cove the number one tourist destination for mermaids, we are quickly greeted by a familiar cast of characters often seen in these shows. The guy whose family is rich and powerful yet he doesn’t want to be a part of that. He would rather save the ocean with his “rebel” girlfriend or try to make sense of the lore through the ‘’town crazy” who is a lot smarter than they thought.

It’s an uncooked fish at the moment with these leads and the two-hour premiere left a lot to be desired, however. Though it’s uncooked right now these characters could turn into tantalizing sushi rolls by the season’s end.

But the character everyone is sinking their teeth into is Ryn, played by Eline Powell. Ryn is the sister siren to the one captured and she’s about to strip down her scales, grow a pair of legs and dawn her birthday suit on dry land in search of her sister.

This is where “Siren” breathes new life into the siren lore. Ryn possesses inhuman strength, heightened sense of smell and despite her appearance on land because a vicious killing machine in the water that even has Jaws scared to come in the water.

“Siren’s” diverse cast of actors, endless storyline ability and memorable moments will leave you wanting more and somewhat terrified when swimming this summer. Make sure to catch Siren before she catches you.
Siren is now streaming on Freeform.