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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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TV review: 'Grown-ish'

TV review: ‘Grown-ish’

Darian Harris | Contributing Writer

“Grown-ish,” a spinoff show of ABC’s “Black-ish,” follows the journey of Dre and Bow Johnson’s eldest daughter Zoey (Yara Shahidi) to college.

Zoey is taken out of her regular comfort-zone of feeling as though she can master whatever challenge comes her way. However, she finds that college is a whole other creature that isn’t as easy to conquer as she thought. “Grown-ish” follows Zoey’s somewhat insane journey of her freshman year at California University as she deals with one of the greatest issues of college life, finding love.

In the first few episodes, Zoey struggles between liking her two guy friends, Aaron Jackson (Trevor Jackson) and Luca Hall (Luka Sabbat). Aaron is a sophomore, who rocks a ducktail braid and fights against political injustices. While Luka is a chill and laid back guy, who is passionate about art, fashion and his looks.

Zoey tries to date both without either of them knowing. Unfortunately, her double dating leads to the two men finding out through an accidental FaceTime call, where Aaron and Luka have a roast battle on each other before angrily hanging up on Zoey.

After losing both her “boyfriends” at the same time, Zoey quickly rebounds to the star basketball player, Cash Mooney (Da’Vinchi). At first, Zoey is baffled a guy like Cash would be interested in her, but she takes him up on his request to help him study. After a few tutoring sessions, the two hit it off. Eventually, the study buddies become lovers, as Zoey quickly falls in love with Cash.

She starts to get to know the true Cash Mooney when she learns his estranged father is looking to take advantage of his son’s success. This leads to Zoey truly caring for Cash and wanting to take their relationship to a new level. However, when Cash gets an opportunity to go to the NBA, she is forced to make a choice on whether to stay in school or follow her first love on the road. Zoey makes the choice to stay and breaks off the relationship, leaving herself heartbroken.

In the final episodes, Zoey is stuck between three guys, Aaron, Luka or Cash.

She gets some assistance from her girlfriends, the spunky and athletic track runner twins, Jazz and Sky Forster (Chloe and Halle Bailey), her outspoken yet loyal friend Nomi Segal (Emily Arlook) and her sassy and politically conscious roommate Ana Torres (Francia Raisa).

They try to settle on who she should pick through a drinking game of “marry, kill or sleep with.” Unfortunately, the game turns into an argument amongst Zoey’s friends’ bias opinions about each of the boys, which leads to her sneaking away as they attempt to settle their differences.

Despite the biased arguments from her friends, it ultimately helps provide clarity for Zoey. The final episode shows her break up with Aaron and Cash, and knocking at Luka’s door revealing him as her final choice. The two share a kiss to close out the final episode, leaving all to wonder, will it last?