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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Concert Review: Wale at the Ted

Pettie Perkins | Contributing Writer

It was warm and then cold. The weather knew it would be hot in the Ted Constant Center. By 7:36 p.m., the arena was buzzing and people are beginning to arrive. Amazingly enough, the air conditioning is on as well. The cutest of the cute and regularly dressed college students are arriving. Security is in full force.

Before anything even gets started, the sound system is playing music and Cardi B hits the speakers. From the excitement noticed, it was going to be a lit night.

At 8 p.m. DJ Too Nasty arrives at the stage to provide a sound system check and get the crowd even more amped. Shorty on the mic and Patrick Martin, two ODU students, come out to grace the crowd’s presence. They provide themselves as hosts for the evening. They let the crowd know that the Student Activities Committee put this concert together for the students.

The opening act was a hometown favorite by the name of D$G Day. He provided us a freestyle, some of his music and then did a cover of “So Into You” by Tamia.

It is 8:30 p.m. and DJ Too Nasty reappears to get the crowd hyped again before OT Genasis appears. By 8:40 the floor of the arena is a little more than half full.

There is a change in DJ equipment and the crowd is buzzing. The new DJ introduces O.T. Genasis. “…feeling like Ricky/one helluva drug…” O.T. Genasis has on a black t-shirt, white pants and enough bling to pay for the tuition for everyone on the floor.

He is full of energy and ready to entertain. He has great stage presence and does not need an extra hype man because he can do it all by himself. He provided the crowd with his new material and the crowd did not seem overly enthused.

However, O.T. Genasis said, “I don’t think you know who I am. So, let me remind you.”

When he began “BBB/bad bitch ballin…” he received some crowd participation. We had our own live twerker from the audience on stage and from then on it was pure fire! O.T. Genasis got quite hyped after that and he was “In Love with the CoCo.” He took off his ice and cruised the crowds. He got back on stage and wrapped it up with his other single “Cut It.”

Shorty on the mic and Patrick Martin came back on stage to check crowd participation. DJ Too Nasty was back at it to hype the crowd up before the main performer appeared. The floor was pretty close to full as were the side seats.

A quick set change and Maybach Music began playing. The crowd became even more lit when Wale’ hit the stage. The crowd got the swag surf, and he started from the beginning. Wale’ started in. His discography is quite prolific and he let the crowd know that he is an independent artist now. “Flier than the rest of them/Still got my Nike’s on.” He was getting the crowd ready and then he got comfortable. He took off his outer shirt, brought out the rest of the jams and perused the crowds.

“Lotus Flower Bomb” had the crowd singing in unison. A little bit of “Slight Work” and then he performed “Black Bonnie” from his March 2018 release “It’s Complicated” EP. He then told the crowd that they would have to kick him off stage because straight after, he went into a gogo set. “Pretty Girls,” “My PYT” and a few others.

Before the night was out, Wale brought out O.T. Genasis, who seemed to be eating at the time, and thanked him and said, “that if one was ever out, never go bowling with O.T. Genasis because he can really go in with a glove and his own ball.”

The night was quite electric and even though it was cold outside and the air conditioner was on in the constant, these two put on a hot show.