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Mace and Crown | May 22, 2018

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Movie review: 'A Quiet Place'

Movie review: ‘A Quiet Place’

Erik Billings | Contributing Writer

Silence swept through the audience no one dared to make a sound, not even a bite of popcorn would be worth it. Even though a screen separated us from the creatures that waited inside this sci-fi world no one was willing to risk that slight chance they could hear us.

From start to finish “A Quiet Place” was an edge of your seat thrill ride that balanced horror and suspense in a way that continues to send chills down your spine even after you leave the theater. Though “A Quiet Place” delivers a solid punch in the gut, horror fans craved the question is can they cease the demands from the unquiet fans who need more, whose questions were unanswered and who were not ready for that ending?  

Set in a not so distance dystopian future where silence has become a god and any sound could equate to your extermination, we join the Abbott family living in this new-silence world where humans have dropped from the top of the food chain and these strange, praying mantis-like creatures have taken that spot.

The family is working hard to stay alive, continue to live and grow all while fighting for survival in this small area which appears to be far off in the farmlands. But “A Quiet Place” never answers exactly where this family is located, a frustrating yet revolving theme of the movie.  

After quickly falling in love with the family you witness the unthinkable, a common scene we’ve all seen in the previews but so much more powerful in the full movie. The creature taking the Abbott’s youngest son who – for reasons we can only chop up to child-like ignorance decided to play with a loud spacecraft toy. A mistake that would cost him his life and his family their sanity.


Fast-forwarding time, we see the family is still going but the most jaw-dropping moment was revealed as the camera panned over Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt), who is now pregnant and due in days. “A Quiet Place” was about to go to a place no one else dared and fans screamed and cried as the realization hit that no one was safe as writers John Krasinski, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods were about to take you on one hellish nightmare ride.

On this ride, the audience was taken to places of death and the misery it causes for loved ones, a family’s desperate attempts to repair itself after tragedy and human nature at its best and at its worse. It combines aspects that everyone can connect to and that what makes it the scariest. It begs you to answer the question “What would you do in this situation?”

If some man is standing over the corpse of his wife and about to scream and you’re there with your child. What would you do?

If your children were outside and your wife was in labor. Where would you go?

If these creatures swarmed your home and threatened your family. Would you run or fight despite knowing these creatures are armored, have superb hearing and will eventually find you?

So many questions to be asked when watching and so many questions that will not be answered so be prepared, “A Quiet place” will have you screaming for answers as you leave your seats.

“A Quiet Place” is that long await box-office hit that we’ve been waiting for in a horror movie. It was enjoyable from start to finish and once it started going. You were silent and you were terrified of what was about to come.

If you desire a great monster flick that’ll soon become a cult classic like 2008’s “Cloverfield” directed by Matt Reeves, then this is the film for you. “A Quiet Place” is in theaters now.