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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief, Julianna Wagner

Julianna is a junior at ODU and studies Communications with a minor in Creative Writing. When not hanging out with her two perfect cats, she can be found writing somewhere on a beach.


Copy Editor and Creative Enclave, Briel Felton

Briel Felton is a senior at ODU. She plans to get her MFA in Creative Writing after graduating. She has been working for the Mace since April 2017 as the Copyeditor. She is also the Creative Enclave editor.

News Editor, Alex Scruggs

Originally from Fairfax, Alex studies English with a concentration in journalism, and is in his last semester at ODU. He plans on being a newswriter for the rest of his life, location unknown. Alex is a strong supporter of watchdog reporting and the role of journalism as a “fourth estate” of  society. In his free time, Alex enjoys reading The New Yorker magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and playing Minesweeper.


Arts & Entertainment Editor, Lindsey Lanham

A senior at ODU, I am also the marketing director for Her Campus at ODU. Typically at a concert. I hope to one day become a successful music journalist.


Sports Editor, Brittany Reigelsperger






A senior, Brittany is just an average girl who has a love of sports and good times. When she’s not cheering for her favorite teams I’m probably off making a vision board. One day she plans to take over the world with a chain of small businesses. If that doesn’t work she plans on being famous.

Technology Editor, Audra Reigle

Audra is a senior studying journalism. She has been writing for the Mace since she transferred to ODU in fall 2015, and she also writes for Her Campus ODU. She’s a Virginia Beach native who dreams of travelling someday. When she’s not writing, she likes playing video games and reading. She is also a brother of Phi Sigma Pi, and before taking the Technology Editor position at the Mace, she was the secretary for Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society.

Photography Editor, Tayla Mallory

Tayla is in her junior year and this is her second year on the Mace & Crown editorial board. Tayla believes that covering the news, sports, live events, and life on campus and off campus is the goal, but that photography brings things to life and has a way of telling its own story. Tayla loves what she does and hopes that those who read The Mace will see that as well.

Graphic Designer, Brandon Harrell


Social Media Director, Emily Rogers

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Emily is a senior. She is from Richmond, Virginia and is currently studying Communications. She is a sister of Kappa Delta here on campus. Her passions and hobbies include writing, but don’t include crafting and singing.She joined the Mace & Crown because she was looking for a way to get more exposure in the media and journalism industry. Upon graduation, she plans on attending graduate school to study broadcast journalism.



Distribution Manager, Guillermo Rivera


Faculty Adviser, Joyce Hoffman

Joyce is a professor in the English Department at ODU, having previously worked for The Virginian-Pilot.

Staff Adviser, Nicole Kiger

Nicole is the director at the Office of Leadership and Student Involvement at ODU.