About Us

Originally founded in 1930 as ”The High Hat,” the paper became the Mace & Crown in 1961. The Mace & Crown is a primarily self supporting newspaper, maintaining journalistic independence from the university. The Mace & Crown is a newspaper published by and written for the students of Old Dominion once a week throughout each semester and once in the summer.

We cover events on campus, surrounding areas in Norfolk, Hampton Roads and around the world. Our News section covers visiting speakers, student government events and campus organization’s activities. The Arts and Entertainment section reports on art shows within the area, campus concerts, music department events and local band shows. The Sports section covers all of Old Dominion athletics, intramural games and professional sports. The Mace & Crown also includes a Opinions Section and a Creative Enclave section.

In the past we have helped cover homecoming activities, participated in charity events, and worked closely with other student organizations to publicize and cover their events.

All views expressed in this collegiate publication and its website are those of the author, not of the University, Mace & Crown, or the editors.

Why Advertise With Us?

Striving to meet and/or exceed the industry standard, The Mace & Crown is constantly updating: pricing, advertising solutions, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, with the client in-mind.

Understanding economic variables and how they impact individuals, small-businesses, and even large enterprises has played a vital role in how we develop each of our services.

Our client’s experience with advertising weighs heavily on our minds and we continue to reach for the highest level of customer service to ensure that even the smallest purchase receives the same amount of attention as our national clients.

With that being said, we are confident that future clients (and even our current clients) will continue to view our options as competitive and reasonable.

Why Advertise on our Website?

The Mace & Crown implemented a comprehensive digital redesign effective as of October 28, 2014. Both mobile and desktop versions of the website were improved with form and functionality in mind. Responsive interfaces were introduced to the website in addition to a featured story window on the home page. A textured background to the website was also included to retain a newspaper feel, to the online and mobile websites.

Website redesign occurred at the exact midpoint of the semester, allowing for easy interpretation of how the redesign affected analytics performance.

Increase in User Interaction

The website’s bounce rate was the metric most influenced by the redesign. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors that enter a website and leave without interacting with any content on the pages. Prior to the redesign, 79.24% of visitors exited without clicking. Following the redesign, the bounce rate dropped to 2.38% during the second half of the semester—while sustaining itself all the way through.

Increase in Page Per Session and Pageviews

The following charts display growth in both pages per session and page views during the Fall 2014 semester as data began to influence publication and editorial processes. For full scale versions of the charts, please visit

The Mace and Crown prints Wednesdays almost every week during the school year. We have a print circulation of 2,000 copies per issue, and the paper is distributed free of charge at over 30 stands across academic buildings, recreational facilities, student housing facilities, parking garages and university offices. We offer advertising from business card-sized to sponsorship packages with multiple ads from the same client in a given issue.

For questions about our publication you can contact our main office at 757.683.3452. For advertising inquiries and orders, please contact 757.683.4773 or click here to e-mail.

Order Requirements 

Please have your tax identification number, social security number (if ordering as an individual not affiliated with a business), or budget code (Old Dominion University Departments only) available.

Insert orders are to be placed no earlier than five (5) business days prior to the publication release date.

Artwork is to be in either .pdf or .jpeg format(s).  Use the CMYK color model for all print artwork.

General deadline for all artwork is at least five (5) business days prior to the publication release date.

Publication Dates (dates are subject to change)

Fall Dates 2015:

Aug 19, Sept 9, Sept 16, Sept 23, Sept 30, Oct 6, Oct 20, Oct 27, Nov 11, Nov 18, Dec 9

Spring Dates 2016:

Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 10, Feb 17, Feb 24, Mar 2, Mar 23, Mar 30, Apr 6, Apr 13, Apr 20, Apr 27

Additional Solutions

Newsstand Poster Advertisements – Newsstands are 18.0 x 36.0” (w/h), fully-enclosed glass displays in high-traffic areas throughout the ODU Norfolk campus.  Pricing varies and space is limited.  For more information please contact us at 757.683.4773 or click here to e-mail.

Insert Pricing – With current circulation at approximately 3000 issues per week, our insert fee is $300.00.  Orders with a reduced quantity will not be prorated.

Payment Information

Invoicing terms are net 15 days from date shown on invoice.  Our only accepted method of payment is check.  Make checks payable to “ODU Mace & Crown” and remit payment to:

Mace & Crown
Old Dominion University
1071 Webb Center
Norfolk, VA 23529

Policies & Procedures

The Mace & Crown reserves the right to refuse any advertising that does not conform to the standards, practices, or regulations of the Mace & Crown, ODU, or the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Regarding Errors

Ad errors such as (but not limited to): blurred image(s), excessive color bleeding, incorrect size, or placement, are eligible for a courtesy reprint or refund (if payment has already been received).  Please contact 757.683.4773 for more information.

Questions / Inquiries

Please fill in the required fields below to submit your question(s) and/or inquiries.  Our advertising director will contact you within 24-hours.  For immediate help, please e-mail