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| February 1, 2015

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Letter from the Editor Archives *

The Mace Conducts Study to Better Serve ODU Students

December 12, 2014 |

Letter From the Editor

Some of the interesting things we found from the study are that ODU students don’t read newspapers too often– as if that were a surprise. Many of you rely on the internet and social media for … Read More

Letter from the editor

September 3, 2014 |

“I became a journalist because I did not want to rely on newspapers for information.”

― Christopher Hitchens

Newspapers are obsolete, right? When was the last time you ventured off the net and picked up a real newspaper? Unless, of … Read More

Letter From the Editor

January 23, 2014 |

Dear readers,

I hope you all are refreshed and ready for another semester. Judging by this past weekend’s activities on 42nd Street, I’ve surmised a large number of students have built up a tremendous amount of energy over the break … Read More

Letter From the Editor

November 7, 2013 |

Dear readers,

I’m pleased to introduce you to two new columns in our opinion-editorial section. “The Benchwarmers” written by Eric Guy and Brian Saunders that will cover the latest topics in athletic ecosystem and a column yet to be titled … Read More

Letter from the Editor 10/30

November 1, 2013 |

Dear readers,

The staff is back! The National College Media Convention in New Orleans was a blast and all of us are excited to apply our new insights toward making the Mace & Crown better than ever! Being able to … Read More

Letter From The Editor

October 23, 2013 |

Dear readers,

This is an exciting week for the Mace & Crown. The staff, our advisor, Vamsi Manne, and I are currently in New Orleans, Louisiana attending the 2013 CMA/ACP conference until Sunday.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity … Read More

Letter From the Editor 9/25

September 26, 2013 |

Dear readers,

As you’ve surmised from the front page, this week’s issue turns an exciting eye to the new textures painting the picture of the future of our university. Old Dominion University will continue its progression from a sister school … Read More

Letter From The Editor

September 18, 2013 |

Dear readers,

The future is upon us.

Old Dominion University is rapidly expanding, merging into the realm of the academic main-stage. Administrators and students alike are striving to make our school a top tier institution of not only the Tidewater … Read More

Letter From the Editor

September 11, 2013 |

It is with great vexation that I write you. In the two short weeks of the semester’s start, Old Dominion University has witnessed a handful of incidents reminding us of just how close to our door danger lurks.

On Aug. … Read More

Letter from the Editor

September 4, 2013 |

Greetings readers!

Welcome to another semester at Old Dominion University and another issue of the Mace & Crown. I hope your summers were satiating and that you are now refreshed and ready to get back on the grind. The Mace … Read More

An Ode to Employment; A Final Farewell to Two Long Years

April 3, 2013 |

I will be stepping down as Editor-in-Chief starting April 1. Derek Page will be the Editor-in-Chief as previously stated in last week’s address. I was offered a wonderful position at a graphics company and could not turn the offer down. … Read More

[APRIL FOOLS] Editor 3-27

April 1, 2013 |

Readers of the Mace & Crown,

Thank you for being so supportive of the Mace & Crown. We have been supported by you for over 80 years, and cannot say thank you enough. In honor of your dedication, we have … Read More

Letter from the Editor 3-1

March 6, 2013 |

Readers of the Mace & Crown,

This week the Mace & Crown editorial board will pick a new editor-in-chief. This is a huge undertaking. The editor-in-chief of the Mace is equivalent to a president, treasurer and secretary all in one … Read More

Letter From The Editor 2-23

February 27, 2013 |

Readers of the Mace & Crown,

The Mace & Crown is currently gearing up to hire a new Editor-in-Chief. Unfortunately, my time at the paper is quickly dwindling down. I am sad to leave the Mace, but I know it … Read More