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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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NekoCon 20: Day four finale

November 5, 2017 |

Adam Flores | Senior Writer

NekoCon 20 came to a strong finish Sunday with a host of events and panel discussions followed by the closing ceremonies program and a glimpse into NekoCon 2018 (dubbed as NekoCon 21). The day featured autograph … Read More

NekoCon 20: Day three roundup

November 5, 2017 |

Adam Flores | Senior Writer

NekoCon 20 continued in high gear into Saturday’s second full day of events at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. From animé in our social lives, Zombie preparedness and costume craftsmanship contests to Western and Shakespearean literatures … Read More

NekoCon 20: Day two roundup

November 4, 2017 |

Adam Flores | Senior Writer

As NekoCon 20 took on its first full day and in celebration of its 20th anniversary, there was plenty to see and do Friday within the Hampton Roads Convention Center. From panel discussions on convention etiquette, … Read More

NekoCon 20: Day one roundup

November 3, 2017 |

Adam Flores | Senior Writer

NekoCon 20 is now in high gear through Sunday at the Hampton Roads Convention Center!

As the premiere animé convention of the Tidewater region and celebrating its 20th anniversary, NekoCon prides itself on introducing Japanese culture, media … Read More

Looking Back in Time: The Mace’s Legacy

June 9, 2017 |

Alex Scruggs | News Editor

The Mace & Crown first laid its paw on campus in 1962, and has been Old Dominion University’s main news source ever since. Although much has changed at ODU, this paper has faithfully remained to document … Read More

Campus Community Outraged by Racist Rap Video

February 28, 2017 |

Morgan Engelhardt News Editor

[Updated 1:28 p.m. ET Feb. 25, 2017]

An explicit YouTube video went viral on Feb. 21, showing an individual wearing an Old Dominion sweatshirt rapping racist, violent lyrics while brandishing a weapon. The video, titled “White Gal – … Read More

Local Music Scene: Dear Adamus Rocks Shakas Live

February 9, 2017 |

Lindsey Lanham Staff Writer

When it comes to the local area music scene, bands are the base of art culture.  They play at tiny clubs for $10 a ticket to a crowd of no more than 100 people–and they thrive off … Read More

Monarchs From Around the World

January 31, 2017 |


Based on Fall 2015 international census data from

Also available at:

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by Girish Sreevatsan (Digital Editor)

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ODU Solidarity Rally

January 31, 2017 |


Photos: Adam Flores

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Monarchs Win in Richmond For First Time in 19 Years

November 19, 2016 |

Harry Howard Jr.

Sports Editor

The Old Dominion men’s basketball team hit the road and took down the Richmond Spiders 64-61 at the Robins Center for the first time since Jan. 4, 1997. The win snapped a 10 game losing streak for … Read More

ODU Celebrates Veterans Day with Sen. Mark Warner

November 12, 2016 |

Jacie Litz Contributing Writer On Nov. 10, the Veterans Day Observance event was hosted at the Kaufman Mall. Attendants included President John R. Broderick, Rear Admiral Patrick Piercey and Virginia Senator Mark Warner.  The Army and Navy ROTC programs … Read More

Monarch Dies in Tragic Car Crash

September 17, 2016 |


Justin Louis Coleman Ross Contributing Writer

In the early morning hours of Friday, Aug. 12, tragedy struck the Old Dominion campus. Monarch Jordan Zimmerman, was killed in an automobile accident when his car was struck by a drunk driver. As reported … Read More

2016 State of the University Address Delivered on August 24

September 7, 2016 |

By Saamia Aslam Contributing Writer

The State of the University Address was delivered by President John R. Broderick on August 24 in the Ted Constant Convocation Center. Attendees were encouraged to bring canned food items to support the Foodbank of Southern … Read More

UN Passes Resolution Protecting Internet Access as Human Right

July 5, 2016 |

Ross Reelachart Technology Editor

At the end of June, the U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution for the “promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet.” The U.N. resolution condemns any deliberate action by a country to disrupt the … Read More

Virginia Judge Rules That Home Computers Don’t Have Privacy

July 2, 2016 |

Ross Reelachart Technology Editor

On June 23, a federal judge for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled that any user of a computer in their own home does not have an “objectively reasonable expectation of privacy.” Such a decision implies … Read More