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Mace & Crown | December 15, 2017

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Find a Paper

The Mace & Crown distributes print newspapers every Wednesday (by 1:00 p.m.) during the school year, at over 20 locations across campus.

Educational Buildings:

Engineering Systems Building (front lobby)
Oceanography & Physics Building (front lobby)
Mills Godwin Life Sciences Hall (front lobby)
Batten Arts & Letters (3 locations on 1st and 2nd floors)
Education Building (multiple locations)
Constant Hall (49th St Entrance)
Dragas (front lobby)
Barry Arts Building, Monarch Way (Main Lobby)
Hixon Art Studio, Monarch Way (Main Lobby)

Student Life:

Webb Center (6 locations including M&C Newsroom)
Perry Library (near front entrance)
Student Recreation Center (front lobby)
Student Recreation Center (classroom hallway)


Borjo’s (coming soon!)
Starbucks, Monarch Way (coming soon!)


Powhatan Hall (near main office)
Whitehurst Hall (near Legends)
All Quad Buildings (reception desks)


Garage A (near elevator)
Garage B (near elevator)
Garage C (near elevator)
Garage D (near elevator)
Garage E (near elevator)

Other locations:

Peninsula Higher Education Center
Tri-Cities Higher Education Center
Virginia Beach Higher Education Center