Employment Opportunities

There are no employment opportunities at this time. Please check back here in December 2014.

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  1. Jabril says:

    Hey do you guys have any thing open for a creative writing major? Perhaps a column or even an editor position?

  2. Jade Dixon says:

    I was wondering if you have anything like an advice column? I would really like to use creative writing and help people but If not are there any other opportunities

    • Mace & Crown Administrator says:

      We don’t, but we have had one in the past. The writer has since stopped submitting. If you are interested, stop by our meetings on Tuesdays at 1230 in the U-Center.

      Sean Burke

  3. Jessica Midgley says:

    I am in the film department and am shooting film for my cinematography class. One of the props in my film is a newspaper. The film itself is a zombie film titled No Pulse and need a specific front page made. I was wondering if it would be possible for the mace and crown to make this front page?

  4. Amanda West says:


    I am a Media Studies major transferring Fall 2014. I will be participating in the distance learning program as I live in Roanoke, VA. Do you have availability for DL students to participate (perhaps contribute editorials) in Mace&Crown?


  5. Wendy Elford says:

    Looking for part time Baristas at gourmet coffee bar inside Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Great part time employment with flexible hours. Please call 388-8097 or email resume to hr@espressoasis.com.

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