Employment Opportunities

The Mace and Crown is currently searching for two Assistant Graphic Designers

The Assistant Graphic Designer is responsible for aiding the lead Graphic Designer of the Mace & Crown student newspaper. The Assistant Graphic Designer will be an unpaid position, but will include substantial professional work experiences. The Assistant Graphic Designers will be assigned to a specific section of the newspaper each week and is responsible for the layout and look of his/her designated section. The Assistant Graphic Designer must be willing to dedicate his/her time on production days, Sundays, and must stay until their section is complete, or until the lead Graphic Designer allows him/her to leave. The Assistant Graphic Designer must be experienced with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign and must be able to work efficiently and effectively with the Graphic Design team.

If you meet and comply with the following criteria, please send in a portfolio with several samples of your work, a cover letter and a resume to our lead Graphic Designer, Elijah Stewart at estew010@odu.edu by September 26, 2014.

5 Responses to Employment Opportunities

  1. Jabril says:

    Hey do you guys have any thing open for a creative writing major? Perhaps a column or even an editor position?

  2. Jade Dixon says:

    I was wondering if you have anything like an advice column? I would really like to use creative writing and help people but If not are there any other opportunities

    • Mace & Crown Administrator says:

      We don’t, but we have had one in the past. The writer has since stopped submitting. If you are interested, stop by our meetings on Tuesdays at 1230 in the U-Center.

      Sean Burke

  3. Jessica Midgley says:

    I am in the film department and am shooting film for my cinematography class. One of the props in my film is a newspaper. The film itself is a zombie film titled No Pulse and need a specific front page made. I was wondering if it would be possible for the mace and crown to make this front page?

  4. Amanda West says:


    I am a Media Studies major transferring Fall 2014. I will be participating in the distance learning program as I live in Roanoke, VA. Do you have availability for DL students to participate (perhaps contribute editorials) in Mace&Crown?


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