Adrienne Mayfield

Position: Editor in Chief


Major: Professional Writing, Minor in Journalism

Class Rank: Senior

Hometown: Cleremont, Fl

Sean Davis

Position: Copy Editor
Major: English
Class Rank: Junior
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA

David Thornton

Position: News Editor
Major: –
Class Rank: –
Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia

Maria Creamer

Position: Arts & Entertainment Editor
Major: English
Class Rank: Senior
Hometown: Lebion, Brazil

Nate Budryk 

Position: Sports Editor and Distribution Manager
Major: English
Class rank: Senior
Hometown: Richmond, VA

Alyse Stanley

Position: Technology & Gaming Editor
Major: Creative Writing
Class Rank: Senior
Hometown: Portsmouth, VA

Zachary Chavis
Position: Photo Editor
Major: Communication
Class Rank: Senior
Hometown: –

Jason Kazi

Position: Advertising Manager
Major:  International / Intercultural Communication
Class Rank: Junior
Hometown:  Dhaka, Bangladesh

Noah Young
Position: Webmaster
Major: Computer Science
Class Rank: Junior
Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Elijah Stewart

Position: Senior Graphic Designer
Major: Graphic Design
Class Rank: Senior
Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Veronica Singer

Position: Public Relations Manager
Major: Mass Communication
Class Rank: Senior
Hometown: Virginia Beach


3 Responses to Staff

  1. Cheryl Copper says:

    Wow. Loved the big “Caterpillar Way” spot on C-3 (April 16) about Dr. Koch’s book talk this Friday. It looks great! Thanks! Cheryl

  2. Casey Kohler says:


    Great Article about the Bacon festival. However, Sinclair communications did not produce this event. It was put on by ETC event Marketing. If you could make that correction that would be great. Thanks.

  3. As a Mace and Crown alumni, former Art & Design Director from Fall 2008 to Spring 2010, I really enjoy how much the newspaper has evolved. Keep up the good word guys! I plan to make a trip down to the school soon and see how the office is looking. Take care.

    P.S. If there’s a copy of the April 1, 2009 (or 2010) print edition, take a gander. That’s one of my proudest works!

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