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Mace & Crown | February 19, 2018

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The Cloverfield Paradox’ changes the way we’ll view movies

February 9, 2018 |

Brooke Nicholson | Assitant A&E Editor

This article might contain spoilers from the Cloverfield franchise    


Back in January 2008, theaters all over the world finally got to see a movie that had been kept so secret, when the first promos and … Read More

‘Stranger Things 2:’ Emotional and stranger than before

October 30, 2017 |

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

Netflix’s award-winning show, “Stranger Things,” returned on Oct. 27. Right on time for Halloween, fans have been speculating about the episodes and new theories online.

The series picked back up with a group of misfits being chased … Read More

Live action ‘Death Note’ writes itself in a book

September 22, 2017 |

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

The highly acclaimed manga turned anime series, “Death Note” was picked up by Netflix and premiered August 25, where longtime fans tuned in to see how the company has done.

Light Turner (Nat Wolff) stumbles upon a … Read More

There’s no horsing around in new season of ‘BoJack Horseman’

September 15, 2017 |

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

Dark, humorous and a hollow feeling in your heart is how season four of “BoJack Horseman” would be described as the show returned Sept. 8, on Netflix.

After the death of Sarah Lynn, Bojack Horseman (Will Arnett) … Read More

What happened to BoJack? Our preview of the new season

September 6, 2017 |

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

After a year or so of hiatus, Will Arnett returns in Netflix’s award winning animated show, as “BoJack Horseman.”

The show picks up three months after BoJack decides to disappear from his life at “Hollywoo.” Diane Nguyen … Read More

‘13 Reasons Why’: Netflix Captures the Pain of Teen Suicide

April 8, 2017 |

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

Suicide is a hard hitting topic that has been on the rise for years. TV shows and movies have touched on the subject, but don’t really show the impact it has on people unless it occurs … Read More

Cutting the Cord: Cable Alternatives

March 31, 2017 |

Audra Reigle | Assistant Technology Editor

It’s probably safe to assume that you’re a broke college student or at least one on a fixed budget, and you want something to watch. Cable TV might be available to you, perhaps for free … Read More

Monarch Movie Minute: ‘Beware the Slenderman,’ ‘Burning Sands’ and ‘Trespass Against Us’

March 23, 2017 |

Tyler Passarge | Staff Writer

‘Beware the Slenderman’ (2016) | NR | 114 min.  🎬🎬🎬🎬

In May of 2014, two 12-year-old girls lured their friend out into the middle of the woods in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They both proceeded to stab their friend … Read More

Monarch Movie Minute: ‘Swiss Army Man,’ ‘Girlfriend’s Day’ and ‘Author: The JT LeRoy Story’

February 23, 2017 |

Tyler Passarge Staff Writer

‘Swiss Army Man’ (2016) | R | 97 min. 🎬🎬🎬

Director Daniel Kwan’s latest film is certainly interesting. The film opens with Hank (Paul Dano) standing before the ocean on a deserted island ready to hang himself. From his … Read More

Monarch Movie Minute: ‘Anomalisia,’ ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’ and ‘Yoga Hosers’

January 20, 2017 |

Tyler Passarge

Staff Writer

‘Anomalisia’ (2015) | R | 90 min | 🎬🎬🎬🎬

When watching a movie from Charlie Kaufman, viewers are submerged in a surrealist world of crisis and doubt in the self. In movies such as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless … Read More

‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’: The Series We Deserved All Along

January 20, 2017 |

Fatima Rivera Contributing Writer

Like other Netflix originals, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” has proven to be an instant hit, which is something we’ve come to expect from the streaming media service. Based on the bestselling books that came out in … Read More

‘Pacific Heat’ Isn’t So Hot

December 10, 2016 | 1

Fatima Rivera Contributing Writer

When it comes to Netflix Originals, the high expectations for quality are due to the success seen in series such as, “Jessica Jones,” “Daredevil,” “The Get Down,” “Stranger Things” and more. One of newest additions to Netflix, … Read More

Monarch Movie Minute: ‘Sing Street,’ ‘I Am Your Father’ and ‘Green Room’

November 28, 2016 |

Tyler Passarge Staff Writer

‘Sing Street’ (2016) | PG-13 | 106 min. 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬

Art, whether it be music, painting or writing, is something that can bring out the best in us. Art is something that gives artists a reason to keep looking … Read More

Drinking Coffee Like a Gilmore!

October 29, 2016 |

Adam Flores Editor-in-Chief

Fans of the popular television series, “Gilmore Girls,” were delighted on Oct. 5 to visit Borjo Coffeehouse on Monarch Way and drink coffee like a Gilmore.

Borjo was one of three coffee shops within the Hampton Roads area selected … Read More

Monarch Movie Minute: ‘The Fits,’ ‘The Automatic Hate’ and ‘Amy’

October 28, 2016 |

Tyler Passarge Staff Writer

‘The Fits’ (2015) | NR | 72 min. In the eyes of a child, the idea of growing up can be a scary, uncontrollable and  nightmarish experience. This experience is brilliantly embodied by newcomer Royalty Hightower in … Read More

‘F is for Family’

October 27, 2016 |

Alyssa Branch Contributing Writer

“F is for Family” offers the delightful animated raunchiness of most adult sitcoms. Additionally, the sense of family, real life problems and nostalgia give this show a new twist. The December 2015 Netflix original follows a family … Read More