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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Sexual assault awareness draws a crowd during Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

March 27, 2018 |

Alex Scruggs | News Editor

Maybe the pain is what participants take away, maybe its what makes them understand. “On a pain scale of one to 10, an 11,” Dariel Taylor, an ODU senior uncomfortably wearing a pair of high heels … Read More

Who’s at Fault, the Victim or Rapist?

April 22, 2017 |

Jessica Miller | Contributing Writer

There is an ongoing argument about whether it is the victim’s fault or not. People argue that because of what women wear, they draw attention to themselves and “ask for it,” so to speak. The argument … Read More

‘Say Something’ Speaks on Date Rape

April 8, 2017 |

Erin Sudek | Assistant News Editor

One in 5 women and 1 in 16 men will be raped by the time they graduate college. This statistic is alarming, which is why conversations about the problem such as “Say Something” are important … Read More

Letter from President Broderick

March 14, 2017 |

Dear Student,

I challenge all male members of the Monarch community to join me on March 21 in “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” part of a national program to raise awareness about sexual violence and relationship violence against women.

One in … Read More

‘The Hookup’ Discusses How to Prevent Sexual Assault

February 2, 2017 |

Margaret Giordano Contributing Writer

The Student Activities Council hosted “The Hookup” for students to discuss a widespread college issue: sexual assault. Anthony Dinicola, Senior Educator at Cartharsis Productions, led the presentation in the Hampton/Newport News Room in Webb Center on Feb. … Read More