12 dead in California shooting

Lindsey Lanham | Editor-in-Chief

Courtesy The New York Times

A Marine Corps veteran shot and killed 12 people in a California dance hall Wednesday night. Ian David Long then took his own life when confronted by officers responding to the shooting.

Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks is a popular night spot for younger people and is frequented by many throughout the week.

The .45-caliber handgun Long used was legally purchased but the gun was outfitted with an extended magazine, according to The New York Times.

Long had a history with mental health and it was suspected he had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, but a health specialist determined he was “Not an immediate danger to himself or others,” according to The New York Times.

Ventura County Sheriff, Sgt. Ron Helus was one of the victims. He was fatally shot when he was responding to the call about Long. Sheriff Geoff Dean told reporters that Helus would call his wife during his shift, often, and Helus had just gotten off the phone with her when he responded to the call.

Witnesses said that Long entered the bar and shot the bouncer before firing shots into the crowd. One witness, Ben Campbell, said that “The windows broke, and I just hopped out the window. I was one of the last people out. I didn't see anybody. I didn't see any guns, and then I just ran."