A Painting in Permafrost

Photo credit to Adam Chang.

Poem by Joshua Jones

The air is cold and heavy

Frosty fog lingers in my mouth, hangs on my breath

Icy crystals form on my brow

Another shovel load to dump.

Her face dormant, solemn

A painting of blue hues

A sliver glimmers in her eye

Teary gemstones under it.

She still wears the blue velvet necklace given to her.

Soil can hide and reveal secrets long kept hidden

Bones fit together

A puzzle waiting to be restored, decrypted, desecrated.

Permafrost is different.

It transcends soil

It can capture paintings

Blues, greens, whites, browns

All masterfully stroked and hued.

Its secrets are colorful

Crystalline beauty perfected.

Always beautiful,

Always there.