Bethesda drops jaws at E3

Courtesy Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda took a more personal approach by opening up to their fans at E3. They kicked off their showcase with a touching video about those who make up their three studios in Rockville, Md., Austin, Tx. and Montreal, Canada. It took the fans behind the scenes, showing faces, smiles and personalities that create an expanse of beloved titles. The message was also shown through the effort they it put in to produce the games they revealed. The show continued with an interesting rock performance by a band named “Andrew WK” that lavished the soundtrack of “Rage 2.” The main storyline of “Rage 2” was displayed, followed by gameplay that showcased the fast-paced FPS. The play style resembles “DOOM” with a variety of guns and “glory kills” that the player can explore. The open world, colorful atmosphere and punk setting are a fresh taste to what Rage was prior. Bethesda’s style of presentation was suspenseful, sending viewers through a literal tunnel before revealing the name of the next announcement. Gamers were pulled to the edge of their seats in anticipation to reach the end and see their favorite title named.

The Elder Scrolls Online Summerfest expansion was elaborated before the tunnel expanded and sent fans into a demon infested land.

Flames rose and familiar monsters stalked across the screen, fashioning an award winning soundtrack from 2016. It was then confirmed that “DOOM ETERNAL” is a sequel to the rebooted 2016 “DOOM,” set to release in spring of 2019. They bragged the return of the run and gun thriller with new weapons, hell on earth and twice as many demons as last game. It would not be a Bethesda E3 if “Quake” was not mentioned. As it has been for more than 20 years, “Quake” is promising growth, interaction and competition. The MMO is always welcoming new competitors and continues to challenge the current Quakers. These facts are well known, but there is no shame in reminding fans. The infamous tunnel made its return following the enlightenment of “Quake” to reveal a title that has been in the dark since its release in 2017. “Prey” received a free, same day update named “Mooncrash,” along with the announcement of a soon-to-come gametype called Typhon Hunter.

The description of Typhon Hunter resembles the premise of the well-known Gary’s Mod, “Prop Hunt.” One player is a scientist, while five others hide in the environment as typhon, free to camouflage as objects. Having a high tolerance to jump scares is recommended by the creators. The DLC is set to release in 2019. With the rising expectation that a majority of Bethesda favorites would be introduced, the creative director and producer of “Wolfenstein: New Colossus” took the stage to announce a DLC called “Wolfenstein: Youngblood” that revolves around BJ’s twin daughters. This DLC is designed to progress the story and also gives the option for a co-op experience, while stressing the point to kill lots of Nazis. The tunnel then brings us to readdress Bethesda’s undying sense of humor. The shade thrown at Walmart, Canada in the first 10 minutes for leaking an abundance of E3 titles almost a month before the conference was quickly forgotten.

At this point, almost an hour had passed and viewers were holding their breath for the game that still hadn’t made an appearance, “Fallout 76.” Todd Howard grabbed the audience to remind everyone that Bethesda has their work under control and generously contributed to the ongoing gag that Skyrim is ported to every device in history.

With the help of Keegan-Michael Key, they created a monster, as people are now looking for “Skyrim: The Very Special Edition” to be released on Alexa. This comedic genius allowed fans to simmer down enough for “Fallout 76” to make its way into the showcase. It was welcomed with cheers and tears.

Passing by an amazing announcement of Bethesda’s in-production, original, open-world space

game called “Starfield,” the pique of the showcase had been reached. Granted, Howard continued to speak. With those final moments resting on fans’ shoulders, Bethesda created dreams, brought about tears and produced screams with what was arguably their most awe-inducing announcement of the night, “Elder Scrolls VI.”

The teaser came quickly, with little to no introduction, soaring over jagged hills and below a blue sky before settling on the once rumored logo. From there, it was finally confirmed that “Elder Scrolls VI” is in production, but the actual release date is still a distant dream.

Accompanied by their revelation of mobile games, “Fallout Shelter 2” and “Elder Scrolls Blades,” Bethesda delivered a showcase that was memorable to veteran gamers and a magnet for potential long time fans. Look out for new titles to launch.