Black security guard Jemel Roberson shot by police

Courtesy NPR

James Finney | Technology Editor

Jemel Roberson was fatally shot by a police officer Sunday night while apprehending a suspect involved in a shooting at a club.

Roberson, a 26 year old black man, was working as a security guard at Manny’s Blue Room, a club located in Robbins, Illinois, a primarily black suburb 20 miles from Chicago.

A man came to the club drunk and armed after he had been kicked out previously with a group of three others. Several people were injured as the man opened fire.

Roberson grabbed the man and held him down until the police armed. Roberson had a gun pointed at the suspects back, telling him not to move according to witnesses.

Two officers from the Midlothian Police Department arrived at 4 a.m. One fatally shot Roberson when he saw him on top of the suspect. Roberson was dressed in a uniform that had “security” written on the vest. The officer who shot Roberson had been working at the department for four years.

Witnesses recall several people at the bar yelling “...he’s security, he’s security!” before Roberson was shot.

Roberson worked as a security guard as well as a musician for several of the local churches in the area. According to Rev. Patricia Hill, he was planning on seeking a career as a police officer.

Hill commented to local media, “The very people he wanted to be family with took his life.”

The mother of Roberson’s nine-month-old child commented, “This was going to be my baby's first Christmas with his dad and now he's going to miss out on everything.”

A vigil was held by Roberson’s family and supporters at the club where he was shot on Monday.