European students gather for Global Café

Courtesy Office of Intercultural Relations

D'Onna Coleman | Contributing Writer

Tuesday Nov. 13 a global café was hosted for European students, faculty and staff by the Office of Intercultural Relations.

Walking into the event the atmosphere was welcoming and had a sense of peacefulness and inclusion.

At the start of the program, the speaker addressed the crowd, “The EU is trying to celebrate diversity.” She made this comment after explaining how she learned what the EU was during her childhood.

During the event, four different countries presented and shared a little about their country and culture.

The French attendants spoke first. One of the two speakers was from France, the other was from Senegal.

The presenter from Senegal said that the two countries were very alike and that was why they were presenting together, and also joked about being the vice president of the French club.

During their presentation they went over five key events that they believe shaped France as a country.

The presentation was not just all information, the presenters cracked jokes now and again.

“The world wars, I don't want to talk about it because we lost again and again,” The French presenter joked.

They then transitioned into talking about the typical stereotypes the French are perceived as, such as they all wear berets (that is, in fact, a tourist trope) Another stereotype is that the French eat a lot of cheese, baguettes and drink a lot of wine.

Lastly, the French speaker spoke about home for him and not Paris, which is what outsiders mostly think about.

When talking about living with people from other backgrounds, the speaker said, “We can take the best of each culture and we should learn from it.”

The Hungarians spoke next. The speakers were from Budapest, and they briefly explained how Budapest got its name. They then went over their countries history as well, and joked about all the countries that Hungary dislikes.

As it turns out, Hungary holds the record for worst rate of economic inflation in one day, a whopping 1000 percent.

Then Greece presented. Greece is in the crossroads of three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. They went over their history and contributions to society, such as the invention of democracy in 570 B.C. by Cleisthenes, known as the father of democracy.

Hippocrates is known as the father of medicine, and established the first medical in school 700 B.C. That is where the hippocratic oath comes from.

The Italians presented last. They then went over the history of Italy, and some basic facts about their country, like how Italy is the third most visited state in Europe. The country is famous for its art, culture and history and maintains a world record of 54 UNESCO world heritage sites, and the city of Milan is the fashion capital of the world.

Facts like these were shared and discussed for 90 minutes, until the attendants shook hands, laughed and went their separate ways.