'Fallout 76' steals the show before the show

Brooke Nicholson | Arts & Entertainment Editor

Courtesy Bethesda Softworks

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just the occasional player, you’ve heard from somewhere that E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo started on Friday, June 8 in Los Angeles, Ca., showcasing the gaming industry’s biggest hits coming out within the next few years. Literally, tens of millions of people logged online or traveled in person to be some of the first to see their favorite games announced on the big screen.

Rumors and speculations flooded the internet weeks before the conferences with hopes and dreams about what gamers expected to see from their favorite game developers. One game that stole the show, weeks before it even started, was the next installment in the infamous Bethesda Softworks franchise “Fallout,” appropriately named, “Fallout 76.”

A livestream appeared on Bethesda Softworks’ official Twitch channel, containing only a screen with the all too familiar ‘please stand by’ and a Vault Boy bobblehead, the official blue and yellow mascot for Vault-Tec. Which is the company responsible for creating underground vaults in the “Fallout” games, standing just in front of the camera, posing in his usual thumbs-up and winking stance.

Occasionally, random occurrences flashed across the screen in the 24 hours the stream was live. A puppet dancing in the background, random people walking in front of the camera and Vault Boy ‘sleeping’ when nighttime comes. At the end of the stream, we are given a trailer, that quickly reveals some of the contents of a brand new "Fallout" game.

Once E3 rolls around, everyone, of course, is hyped to see more content of one of the most popular game franchises from Bethesda. After a few other game announcements, like DLC content for "Wolfenstein" and a brand new "DOOM" game called "DOOM: Eternal," Todd Howard, game director and producer of Bethesda Game Studios, is brought onto the stage to finally reveal new details about "Fallout 76", and boy, there were details aplenty.

Screams and shouts echoed through the convention hall. After releasing a new, longer trailer, Howard reveals that this map is four times bigger than the game before it, "Fallout 4." Once a few ‘promotional videos’ from Vault-Tec played, reiterating the fact that this ‘Fallout’ will be an online MMO as well as being an optional single-player RPG. Howard also announced that the game is set in West Virginia, and you’ll also have the option to complete quests with friends, in survival mode or by yourself.

Also something new to the "Fallout" franchise is a B.E.T.A. (Break-It Early Test Application) that comes with any pre-order of "Fallout 76." That’ll help Bethesda encounter any bugs or issues that comes with having a massive online game.

On top of all the newest details just revealed, Howard also announces the special edition you can pre-order if you want something more than just the regular game. With the "Power Armor" edition of "Fallout 76,'" players will actually receive a workable, functioning T-51B power armor helmet, that the main character is seen wearing in the teaser trailers. This edition, made available on Amazon right after its reveal on Bethesda’s conference on June 10, was promptly unavailable a few hours afterward.

The reveal of "Fallout 76" has been the talk of the internet, along with plenty of other games announced during E3. But the biggest reveal of all was the fact that "Fallout 76" will be available to play on Nov. 14 later this year.

While other conferences did not live up to expectations or even come close to delivering what fans were hoping for, Bethesda pulled through with what fans were expecting and a whole lot more.

"Fallout 76" is available for pre-order on Amazon, GameStop or Bethesda.net now.