Five Fresh Apps for Home Cooking

Courtesy AzerNews

Contributing Writer | D'Onna Coleman

Love cooking, but are tired of using the same recipes? Well here's a few tricks to spice up the kitchen! This story explores the top five apps to use for new recipe ideas, recipe tweaks and to help with what to cook, alongside a special, honorary mention. All of the applications mentioned are available on Android and IOS and are free.

SideChef is an extremely user-friendly app. With over ten thousand recipes to choose from, dinner will never be boring again. The recipes are easy to execute and give you a step by step walk through of how to make the meal. The application does have faults however. The app tends to not allow the user to save the recipes they liked to their “cookbook.” Also, if you are health conscious and want to know the nutrition information, this app does not have that information on hand.

Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps, formerly known as simply ChefSteps, has a 4.0 rating on the Google Play Store. So far there are no complaints about the app. The app has a built-in timer, which is great for those who need timers to cook and like to follow the steps. Lastly this app can give you simple meals to cook or complicated 'Gordon Ramsey' worthy meals, the choice is yours.

Tastemade is an app for people who learn better visually. With a 4.6 rating this app is nearly perfect. The only glaring downside was the advertisements, but what free app doesn't include a few ads. However, the recipes are spectacular. They're easy to follow, great meals available at hand and delectable looking pictures.

Tasty has an 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store, and has videos to watch to help you cook. It includes, but is not limited to, snacks and desserts. The app is designed to perfection. The only problem was having to log into Facebook to save the recipes, but other than that, an A+ app.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner, also a website known as, is an app I use all the time. From cookies to roasts: AllRecipes has it all. You can personalize your “feed” to show the meals you are most interested in. Also included is a shopping list where you can find local deals on the ingredients you need, but that can be a hassle and get in the way sometimes.

The honorary mention is more of a grocery store site than a cooking app. Hellofresh is a website that will deliver recipes and fresh food to your door. The downside being it is pricey. So, unless you want to spend a little more on a few items of fresh produce, poultry, meats and fish, I suggest you stick to shopping at your local grocery store.

In conclusion, the app I would recommend in a heartbeat would be SideChef. The other apps are wonderful, however did not always follow the criteria. They are still recommended that you try them to find your best fit.

Enjoy your cooking adventures!