Fox and the Bear make debut performance at The NorVa

Lindsey Lanham | Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Maggie Giordano

Friday night, indie-folk band Fox and the Bear looked excited to make their debut appearance at The NorVa. They stepped out on stage with only a couple of string instruments and a kick drum made out of their great grandmother’s suitcase, and their performance stood out in the best of ways.

The NorVa welcomed a variety of local bands that night, including The Lazy Dangers, Animal Sun and headliner Court Street Company. All of the bands had brought forward their own signature sound to their performance, and with a welcoming crowd the show was a great way to spend a Friday night.

Jamie and Jenna Anderson make up Fox and the Bear. The two sisters grew up in Virginia Beach, and while they have been playing music for years, they just recently put out their first EP. Now, they’re anticipating the release of their first full length album later this year or early next year.

Their music is simplistic and genuine. Their indie-folk sound never gets complicated, but that is part of their appeal. Fox and the Bear don’t need anything flashy to make good music and put on a good show, and that comes across very clear in their confidence on stage.

Fox and the Bear kicked off their set with a cover of hit single “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. A notably percussion-heavy song was turned into an acoustic ballad. And what was musically complicated, the cover made it appear simple, and it was an incredibly enjoyable way for them to kick off their set.

The sisters also played the songs from their EP that was released last year like “Silver Chair.” Tracks like “The Chapel” and “Elmira” had the crowd dancing and singing along.

Even their lesser known songs, that the band had only played once or twice before, the crowd was enraptured. Fox and the Bear admitted that some of the tracks were sadder, but the crowd still cheered them on, eager to hear what the band had in store next.

Unfortunately, Fox and the Bear had to cut their set short. But they ended on a high note with their song “The Chapel.” Their dedicated fanbase made up of family and friends, sang along and cheered the band on, even as they were walking off stage.

For their first time playing at The NorVa, Fox and the Bear left a remarkable impression. Their authenticity in their music and stage presence made them come across as endearing.

The simplicity in their music is what makes it so appealing, and that’s what ended up winning the hearts of everyone in the crowd Friday night. And that’s what will keep winning the hearts of many fans to come.