From Monarch to Commissioned Marine

Nicole Brailer | Contributing Writer

Picture by Nicole Brailer

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, active duty Marines from the Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Educational Program (MECEP) gathered in front of the Webb University Center promote Marine Sergeant Jon Dreylick to Staff Sergeant.

Dreylick is a Hampton Roads native studying Philosophy at Old Dominion and was recently selected for the Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Educational Program. After he graduates in May 2019, he will continue on to attend a 10 week Officer Candidate School followed by a six month Basic Officer Course and once completed, he will earn his commission as a second lieutenant.

At his ranking ceremony, Dreylick requested that ODU Professor and retired United States Navy Commander Frank Scaringello, do the honors of pinning his rank. Dreylick expressed his gratitude for the mentorship Scaringello has selflessly provided him while attending Old Dominion.

“I chose Commander Scaringello to pin me to show my level of respect and appreciation for his guidance since I started at ODU,” said Dreylick. Over his 22 years serving in the United Sates Navy, Scaringello has had the opportunity of mentoring many young Sailors and Marines. Since his retirement, he has spent the last 14 years continuing to advise and guide students as a Counseling & Human Services Lecturer at ODU and School Counselor for the Virginia Department of Education.

“John is a highly motivated, and goal oriented individual. His leadership as a student and as a Marine is exemplary and he sets an incredibly positive example for anyone around him. It is my pleasure be a part of helping such focused students and service men and women as they continue into their careers.”

Picture by Nicole Brailer

Concluding the ranking ceremony, Deylick briefly spoke on the importance of the program with his fellow Marines. “This program is an honor to be a part of and I’m thankful for support I’ve received especially at ODU, and the opportunities ahead to guide and lead the Marines as an officer. I’ve been fortunate to have great leaders to learn from like Commander Scaringello, and I know a big part of this will be putting another’s welfare before my own,” said Dreylick. Dreylick will continue to put forth a diligent effort in his studies and with the Marines to stay steady the course for Spring graduation.

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